What platforms is Tower of Fantasy available on?

Get ready to explore with your friends.

Image via Level Infinite

Tower of Fantasy is almost here, with its open-world, MMO appeal and a combination of fantasy and futuristic aesthetics. The game promises plenty of places to explore, characters to play, and battles to take part in.

The game promises to launch sometime in the upcoming months, most likely between today and September of this year. Once it’s live, players will be able to delve into the depths of Aida to their hearts’ content.

With the game’s release seemingly imminent, enthusiasts of the art style and genre have a very important question: what platforms will the game be available on? MMOs rely on players being able to play with friends that they’ve made, and make new ones in the process. But the social aspect of the game can be limited by the platforms the game is available on, and crucially, not available on.

Here’s everything we know about Tower of Fantasy and its available platforms.

Tower of Fantasy’s platforms and crossplay

As of writing, Tower of Fantasy will only be available on two platforms: mobile and PC. Mobile players can expect the game to be available on both iOS and in the Google Play store. After the game’s release on mobile, the game will also receive a subsequent release on PC. Tower of Fantasy will be available on both Steam and in the Epic Games Store. Players can pre-register for the mobile version of the games, or wishlist the game on their PC platform of choice, through the game’s official website.

Importantly, once the PC game launches, crossplay will also be coming to Tower of Fantasy. This will allow PC and mobile players to play the MMO together, no matter what platform they play on. Due to the staggered release of the game on separate platforms, mobile players will just have a bit of a head start on PC-only players.