What is Simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy?

The words can be confusing, but the concepts are actually pretty simple.

Image via Level Infinite

As a gacha-style game, there are plenty of characters, weapons, and other cosmetics for players to unlock in Tower of Fantasy. Part of the game’s draw is all the luck involved with unlocking new things to use in the game.

Players coming from similar games, such as Genshin Impact, may be confused by some of the game’s processes and terminology, especially when it comes to unlocking new characters.

Two words that players will see thrown around a lot in Tower of Fantasy are “Simulacrum” and “Simulacra.” As a more sci-fi MMORPG, these words feel fitting with the theme of the game overall. But what exactly do they mean?

What is the Simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy?

The Simulacrum is a place in Tower of Fantasy, one where you can purchase new weapons. Instead of guns or swords, however, these weapons are equippable characters, along with their abilities and playstyles. If you ever see “the Simulacrum” referenced, just remember that it’s the facility that functions almost like a marketplace in Tower of Fantasy.

What are Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy also has “Simulacra,” which sounds incredibly close to “Simulacrum,” but is something different. In the game, Simulacra are the weapon-characters you can unlock in the Simulacrum.

These character are ancient heroes whose respective consciousness have been transferred into Artificial Intelligences which the player can equip. Once a player has unlocked a Simulacra, they can summon that Simulacra, essentially equipping the character. Then, the player’s character will assume the form, abilities, and personality of that Simulacra.

It sounds complicated, but think of it this way: the Simulacrum is the marketplace, and the Simulacra are different characters that you can unlock in that marketplace.

The only difference in Tower of Fantasy is that you don’t “buy” characters like you might goods in a traditional marketplace. Instead, you have to buy packs in the game, and rely on a little bit of luck to get new Simulacra.