How to solve lava pit puzzles in Tower of Fantasy

Ice Ice Baby

Image via Hotta Studio

Tower of Fantasy has an abundance of exploration puzzles that require the player to think outside the box to get free gacha pulls that’ll help them unlock more characters and items to aid them on their quest.

One of these is the Lava Pit, which becomes available after reaching Banges for the first time. They are small pockets of rock that have lava spewing from them. Each house has either a Purple or Gold Nucleus that you can use for additional items— but how exactly do you complete the puzzle?

Lava Pit puzzle solution

Screengrab via Hotta Studio 

First things first, if you come across a Lava Pit like the one above that has no red spot in the crater, then it means that the Lava Pit is currently not active and the game will allow you to collect the reward in a few days time when the daily reset happens.

If the Lava Pit does have a red spot though in its crater, then all you need to do is use an ice weapon to freeze it. When that happens, the Nucleus that was inside will be available to collect and you will have completed the puzzle.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, a lot of the lava pit puzzles are just not active due to Level Infinite’s abundance of locked content. It will eventually be available. But when? No one currently knows.