How to get the Magnetic Rod, Maglev Stalker in Tower of Fantasy

Prepare for the grind.

Image via Hotta Studios

The Magnetic Rod and Maglev Stalker are two items that are required to craft one of the many hidden vehicles within Tower of Fantasy.

The Chaser can only be unlocked by finding these two items, and while it is one of the easier vehicles to unlock, players will still need to know where to go to find each part, as well as be prepared to grind for as long as it takes to get the final piece.

With that in mind, here is where you can find both item parts.

Magnetic Rod Location

Screengrab via Hotta Studios

Unlike other vehicle parts, the Magnetic Rod always has a set location. It can be found in the above structure in Astra, north of the map. You will come across a huge tower that you’ll be able to climb.

Screengrab via Hotta Studios

At the very top of the structure, there is a Goold Supply Pod. Inside of it is the Magnetic Rod that you seek.

Maglev Stalker Location

Screengrab via Hotta Studios

As for the Maglev Striker, this is an incredibly rare drop to find at certain locations. These locations will house one of the Vermin Brothers you will need to beat up and pray they drop the item to complete the vehicle. These include:

  • Rat’s Den in the southeastern portion of Astra.
  • Mt. Woochu in the Banges region, at Rat’s Den: Jed.
  • Along the coast of northwest Banges, near Loen Dock.

Cycle between all four locations and you’ll hopefully eventually get the drop and be on your way to completing your vehicle collection.