How to get an Omnium Beast Cockpit, Left Arm, Right Arm in Tower of Fantasy

Prepare to grind the night away.

Image via Hotta Studios

There are a ton of vehicles to collect in Tower of Fantasy, including one of the fan favorites, Omnium Beast VII. But how on earth do you even unlock it?

The vehicle has three parts that are hidden across the world for you to find and unless you know where you are looking, it can feel like an absolute chore to unlock them.

Thankfully, however, we have found exactly what you need to do to get all three— but prepare to be grinding for a few hours to actually get them all.

Omnium Beast Cockpit location

Screengrab via Hotta Studios

The Cockpit is part of a larger storyline that will require you first to visit the Oil Rig in the Bagnes region. Here you will discover a Hyena Guard you can talk to. Once you do, you’ll need to then make your way back to Banges dock to talk to Port Guard Lozwall, which is a robot NPC that stands in the center at all times. He will give you the password needs to enter the rig.

Screengrab via Hotta Studios

Once you get the password head back to the Rig, talk to the Hyena Guard, and choose the option that appears on the bottom, and then you’ll be allowed into the Rig itself. From here find the Supply pod at the very top to open it and receive the Cockpit.

Omnium Beast Left Arm location

Screengrab via Hotta Studios

The Left Arm is located at the Bagnes shelter, which is an area at the southern-most point of the map. It is behind a passworded door at the HT201 Shelter.

Put in the passcode 1647 and then open the Supply Pod to get it.

Omnium Beast Right Arm location

Screengrab via Hotta Studios

The last piece of the vehicle is arguably the hardest to get. Requiring you to grind and defeat a certain enemy in hopes the item drops when you defeat it. These enemies are Behemoth Surtur, Bergelmir, Farbauti, Mimir, and Utgarda, with three of them found in the areas on the map above.

These three are pretty close to warp points that you can get a grind going on all three of them, but prepared to be going at it for a while due to the absurd drop rate of the item.