How to get FF79 Alloy Lubricant in Tower of Fantasy

Hard grind.

Image via Perfect World

As you progress deep into Tower of Fantasy, chances are you will come across some quests asking you to find random items that don’t really get explained well. One of these items is the FF79 Alloy Lubricant, an item that is so hard to find that even a quick google search will confuse you.

That’s because this item requires entirely on RNG and luck to get and if you don’t even know where to look, you could spend hours even finding one of the many you need.

Don’t panic, though, as we luckily found one and discovered other methods to acquire it, which we have shared below.

FF79 Alloy Lubricant Location

Image via Level Infinite

There are only a few places to get the item, but they’re pretty random and depend on luck.

The best method would require you to defeat many Mech enemies in hopes they drop the item. It’s a rare spawn, but many people find it on the World Boss Frost Bot. So if you can find a team to take it down, that’s your best bet.

You can also find it in the Support Store or the Item Vendor in Banges, though there is no guarantee this item will be waiting for you when you check them out. The stores rotate on reset, meaning there will be different items each time, so if you don’t get lucky and see it as buyable there, you’ll need to grind Mechs until some finally drop.

They can also be found at times from Tier 2 or higher loot from Password Chests after a perfect decipher. But again, this is all down to RNG.