How to destroy cracked walls in Tower of Fantasy

Players must have one particular Relic in their possession.

Image via Hotta Studios

If you’re exploring the lands of Aesperia in Tower of Fantasy, the latest open-world MMORPG sensation, you’ll notice huge rock walls that can’t be broken regardless of how much you hit them with all the weapons in your arsenal.

It’s counter-intuitive because these big rocks are already cracked and look like they’re just one hit from being completely broken. To break the walls of rocks and earn XP, gold, and Astra exploration points, you’ll need to complete a mission.

How to destroy cracked rock walls in Tower of Fantasy

At the moment, the only way to destroy these big cracked rocks in Tower of Fantasy is after getting the Relic called Missile Barrage. Players earn the Missile Barrage in the Ruins A-01 dungeon as part of the game’s story.

When you’re inside Ruins A-01, you’ll get to unlock the Missile Barrage after interacting with the “Smart Servant Peanut” and activating the Enchanted Cube-type Relic in the middle of the dungeon. Once you have the Relic in your inventory, you must equip it and use it near a cracked wall. You can use the Missile Barrage to destroy the breakable wall on the right that contains the first chest in Ruins A-01.

It’s unclear if there’ll be another method to destroy the big rocks in Tower of Fantasy down the road when players unlock more Relics. But right now, the Missile Barrage seems to be the only way to do it.