Does Tower of Fantasy have guilds?

Teaming up is key.

Image via Level Infinite

Tower of Fantasy, much like most MMORPGs, is nothing without the people you play the game with. Sure, there are tons of characters, weapons, cosmetics, and more to unlock, as well as a new planet to explore. But a vital part of the game’s draw is being able to share in that exploration and the game’s challenges with other people.

Some players will undoubtedly enter the new game with a crew of friends they’re used to playing MMORPGs with, teammates from different games that they know either in real life or online. Players can also expect to make new friends and acquaintances as they take on the challenges of Aida, the planet on which Tower of Fantasy take place.

Whatever way you come to know other players in Tower of Fantasy, it will be important to link up with those players when you’re actually playing. The game encourages this co-op approach in battles, and certain character abilities become far less useful without any teammates around.

To encourage and accomplish this cooperative play, many MMORPGs have guild systems that give players centralized social settings where they can meet more people and build parties for specific quests and challenges. But will Tower of Fantasy have any similar system?

Does Tower of Fantasy have guilds?

Tower of Fantasy will have a guild system, although you won’t find them going by that name.

Guilds in Tower of Fantasy are called crews, and while there’s not much available information on crews yet, we do know a couple of things. Up to 180 players will be able to join a crew, at which point the crew will be considered full. Presumably, players in the same crew will more easily be able to meet up and plan activities in the game.

More information about crews and how they work in Tower of Fantasy will become available closer to the game’s launch. Currently, it’s slated for a release in the third quarter of 2022, which goes from today to the end of September.