When does TFT Set 6.5 release?

Get ready for a set shakeup.

Image via Riot Games

The Mid-Set for Teamfight Tactics Set Six will drop in February, according to the Patch 12.2 Post-Mortem, and will bring new champions and traits in conjunction with existing ones. 

Players can expect to test out the new TFT Set 6.5 on the PBE on Feb. 1 or 2, followed by an official launch on Feb. 16 with the release of Patch 12.4. A Mid-Set release typically adds new champions and traits while removing ones that are either beyond balancing or don’t synergize with the Mid-Set thematically. 

Silco, from the Arcane series on Netflix, will be one of the new champions to join the TFT Set 6.5 roster in February. The addition of Silco also marks the first time that a non-League of Legends champion is joining the autobattler. It’s also possible that another new champion will drop in TFT Set 6.5, simply known as “Renata.”

Releasing new champions into TFT during a Mid-Set update isn’t new. Akshan, for example, was introduced into the autobattler with the release of Set 5.5 release. The set mechanic was also changed from Shadow Items to Radiant Items. A total of 12 champions were added in Set 5.5, while 13 were removed. 

Set Six Gizmos and Gadgets launched with over 100 Hextech Augments as the main mechanic for the set. Based on the popularity of the new TFT mechanic, it’s likely that Hextech Augments will remain for Set 6.5, but it’s not a guarantee.