TSM signs kiting is hard to TFT roster

TSM expands its TFT roster.

Screengrab via TSM

TSM has expanded its Teamfight Tactics roster, signing Leo “kiting is hard” Zhao today.

Kiting is hard expands the TSM roster in TFT to a total of three competitors, joining Duy Minh “Souless” Nguyen and Lae-Young “Keane” Jang. He will represent the team in both competitive play and streaming. Having left college to play TFT full time, kiting is hard earned his spot at TSM after ranking first during the month of April for three consecutive weeks. 

“I took a big risk leaving college to pursue streaming and playing TFT professionally, and I’m very proud to be joining an org as well established as TSM,” kiting is hard said. “I’ve been a fan of TSM since I first got introduced to esports, and I’m grateful for the chance to contribute as a content creator.”

Prior to transitioning over to TFT, kiting is hard was ranked King tier in Dota Auto Chess. He’s also an avid League of Legends player, who plays jungle and ADC. 

Riot Games kicks off its TFT Galaxies Championship at the end of Set Three, where players will compete for a $200,000 prize pool. Weekly points based on NA ladder rankings began during the first of May, and after 12 weeks, the top 10 players with the most points will earn a seat at the NA Final. 

Based on kiting is hard’s competitive rank in TFT so far, it’s possible that he might have a chance of representing TSM at the Galaxies Championship.