TFT team hotfixes Aurelion Sol and Mage bugs ahead of Set 7 release

The ASol Mage issue is getting resolved.

Image via Riot Games

Two major bugs were discovered today by the Teamfight Tactics team, resulting in a quick hotfix that temporarily sidelines Aurelion Sol out of the top-tier metagame for the release of the Dragonlands set.

Upon taking a deep look into Aurelion Sol with a Mage emblem prior to the release of Set Seven earlier today, two bugs were discovered that sped up the casting time of Aurelion Sol and all Mage units as well. The Dragon has a cast time of 2.3 seconds and was mana locked for one, prompting Aurelion Sol to gain mana faster than intended, according to game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. And Mage champions weren’t mana-locked during their second cast.

A fix is getting applied to Aurelion Sol, along with an adjustment, that will nerf the TFT Set Seven for the Dragonlands launch on June 8. 

“We are going to be able to bug fix ASol and adjust him, said Mortdog. This is a MAJOR nerf and from what limited testing we could do, makes him MUCH more manageable but still good.”

The mana for Aurelion Sol is now 20/80 and will have a 2.3-second mana lock timer after casting. Aurelion Sol will also not be able to gain mana from sources like the Evoker trait or items like Blue Buff. The second cast will not start early and the dragon will continue to gain mana during a second Mage cast. 

A resolution to the Mage trait as a whole will not occur until Patch 12.2, according to Mortdog. For players who already have access to the Dragonlands set on live servers in regions like OCE and Korea, the micro patch resolving the Aurelion Sol bug fix will take place in the coming hours. All players in regions such as NA will have TFT Set Seven hit live servers with the hotfix already in place.