TFT Set 6 Oct. 21 PBE patch: Full notes and bug fixes

Another large patch takes place on the second day of Set 6 PBE testing.

Another large patch takes place on the second day of Set 6 PBE testing.
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Champions were the focus of the Oct. 21 Teamfight Tactics PBE update, balancing a total of 14 in addition to bug fixes and Hextech Augment adjustments.

Giant PBE updates to TFT Set Six continue to roll in on a daily basis, with game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer reminding players that the large patches aren’t a “surprise” due to how “ambitious” Gizmos and Gadgets is. Challenger trait champions were hit with a few minor adjustments today, while Dr. Mundo got a nerf and Viktor was reworked. Dragon’s Claw was adjusted due to abuse from Warwick and a few Hextech Augments were changed. 

From a Kog’Maw attack damage and speed nerf to a Heimerdinger buff, here are the balance changes within the TFT Set Six Oct. 21 PBE patch notes. 

Set Six PBE champion changes

A total of 14 TFT Set Six champions received balance changes in the Oct. 21 PBE update. 


  • Caitlyn: Spell damage buffed from 800/1120/2000 to 800/1400/2250


  • Blitzcrank: Spell damage buffed from 1120/250/999 to 150/300/1337
  • Kog’Maw: Attack damage reduced from 50 to 45
  • Kog’Maw: Spell attack speed reduced from 80 to 70 percent
  • Quinn: Spell disarm was changed from primary target only to all targets damaged by her spell


  • Gangplank: Spell attack damage percent was buffed from 170/180/200 to 180/190/210 percent
  • Heimerdinger: Spell damage was buffed from 60/80/110 to 65/90/120
  • Lissandra: Spell damage was nerfed from 250/400/700 to 250/375/600
  • Taric: Spell heal was buffed from 250/350/700 to 275/400/800
  • Zac: Spell damage was nerfed at two-star from 450/600/999 to 400/525/999


  • Dr. Mundo: Spell healing was nerfed from 100/150/500 to 90/120/500 percent
  • Fiora: Spell damage reduced at two-star from 75/125/400 to 75/100/400
  • Orianna: Attack speed reduced from 0.8 to 0.75
  • Orianna: Spell shield reduced from 175/375/750 to 175/325/750


  • Viktor: Spell no longer reduces armor by 50 percent
  • Viktor: Basic attacks reduce a target’s armor by 70 percent for six seconds
  • Viktor: Spell damage per laser increased from 250/350/1500 to 275/375/1500

Other PBE balance changes

Dragon’s Claw was adjusted so that Fireball only triggers against casted abilities and only once per Kog’Maw cast. The Innovator tool-tip was changed to show that a mechanical companion does receive health and attack damage based on allied Innovator units’ star levels. And a handful of Hextech Augments were adjusted, which includes the addition of Innovator Heart and Soul as options. 

  • Chemtech Overload: HP percentage from explosion damage nerfed from 50/75/100 to 40/60/80 percent
  • En Garde: Disarm duration was reduced from four to three seconds
  • Wise Spending: Moved from tier one to two, with XP increasing from one to two
  • Innovator Heart and Soul added as Hextech Augment effects

Set Six PBE bug fixes

Hyper Roll will no longer crash on Dragon rounds and Knife’s Edge was fixed to work on away boards. Tahm Kench will no longer gain extra items from eating a unit with Thieves Gloves. Scrap units won’t lose the buff from Cybernetic Implants anymore.

Woodland Charm clones that spawn into a Socialite spotlight Hex will gain the proper buffs and Jhin’s spell will no longer trigger Dragon’s Claw. Critical strikes from Jhin’s spell will also no longer benefit twice from critical strike damage. 

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