TFT Set 6.5 Neon Nights: Battle pass details, ranked reset, and Little Legends

The battle pass-plus will include a tier-three Arena for the first time in TFT.

Image via Riot Games

A new battle pass is launching with Teamfight Tactics Set 6.5, showcasing an interactive Arena and new Little Legends, along with a soft ranked reset.

Neon Nights, the TFT Mid-Set update for Set Six, officially launches on Feb. 16. Three new Little Legends are being added via Set 6.5, showcasing five skin variants. Project Abyssia joins the ranks as a Mythic and the Neon Nights battle pass will include Socialite Nixie and Plant Buddy Sprite. In addition to the new Little Legends, the Set 6.5 battle pass-plus will include an interactive and responsive Arena called Toxitorium. 

A free-to-play TFT Set 6.5 battle pass remains, along with an upgrade priced at 1,295 Riot Points for the battle pass-plus version. Players can purchase the Neon Nights pass-plus individually or in three of the five total bundles offered via the Mid-Set update

Set 6.5 TFT bundleContentsPrice
Neon Nights eggsNeon Nights Little Legends2,450 RP/Coins
11 Neon Nights eggsNeon Nights Little Legends4,900 RP/Coins
Pass-plus and ArenaSet 6.5 battle pass-plus and Hextech Arena2,595 RP/Coins
Progress Day CelebrationBattle pass-plus, Hextech Arena, and 12 Neon Nights eggs7,395 RP/Coins
MegabundleBattle pass-plus, Hextech Arena, and 23 Neon Nights eggs11,020 RP/Coins

A soft ranked reset will occur with the launch of TFT Set 6.5, demoting players one tier. The only exception to this applies to Master ranked players and higher, having their rank reduced to Diamond IV. Challenger and Grandmaster ranks are getting unlocked at launch, with players needing 200 LP in Master to hit Challenger and 500 LP for Grandmaster.

The first five matches played in ranked via TFT Set 6.5 are provisional matches, meaning players can’t lose any LP with bottom-four placements. Ranked rewards for Set Six will drop shortly after the launch of Neon Nights, providing emotes for players who hit Gold or higher. Hyper Roll and Double Up players who hit Blue or higher will drop to the bottom of the Blue tier. Emotes are also available for players who ranked Blue or higher in both TFT modes. 

This article will be updated with the individual TFT Set 6.5 battle pass rewards and pass-plus rewards on Feb. 16.