TFT Set 5.5 Radiant Blessings cheat sheet: Full rundown of game’s newest mechanic

Yet another new game mechanic in TFT that will need to be studied up on.

Image via Riot Games

The recent Teamfight Tactics Reckoning: Dawn of Hope mid-set update has brought with it a swag of new changes and game mechanics. Among those new changes is the newly improved version of Lucky Lantern orbs from previous sets, now called Radiant Blessings.

A Radiant Blessing is a player’s last defence against the shadows, according to Riot, helping to ensure that the Black Mist can never return. Appearing as a small gold loot orb, Radiant Blessings are created when players drop below 40 HP. Each player in a lobby will be offered the same contents, which can include item components, gold, consumables, Spatula or Spatula items and champions.

Image via Riot games

Helping to give low-HP players a chance at redemption, Radiant Blessings will have a “uniform value” among all players in a lobby, according to the TFT team. Lead Designer of the team Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer, recently released an official spreadsheet detailing the contents of the new loot orbs and their boundless possibilities.

The spreadsheet states that each player will receive one loot orb of the exact same quality. The orb quality is 90 percent likely to be of medium quality and 10 percent likely to be of high quality. A medium quality orb contains a mixture of lesser-quality goodies and some medium quality loot. High quality content, however, will only include the premium stuff.

Lesser quality content loot odds

  • Item component: 30 percent
  • Eight gold: 20 percent
  • Five gold: 15 percent
  • Four-cost champion: 10 percent
  • Reforger: 10 percent
  • Nothing: 10 percent
  • Item Remover: 5 percent

Medium quality content loot odds

  • 10 gold: 15 percent
  • Tome of Traits: 15 percent
  • Two item components: 10 percent
  • One item components: 10 percent
  • Neeko’s Help: 7 percent
  • Thieves Gloves: 7 percent
  • 15 Gold: 7 percent
  • Item component and Spatula: 7 percent
  • Spatula and 10 gold: 7 percent
  • Two Reforgers and five gold: 5 percent

High quality content loot odds

  • Two Thieves Gloves: 15 percent
  • Tome of Traits and 15 gold: 15 percent
  • Neeko’s Help, Two item components and Spatula: 10 percent
  • Loaded Dice and 15 Gold: 10 percent
  • Four item components and Reforger: 10 percent
  • Force of Nature: 10 percent
  • Spatula, 10 gold, two item components and Reforger: 10 percent
  • One five-cost champion and two item components: 10 percent
  • 30 gold: 7 percent
  • Two Tome of Traits: 2 percent
  • 50 gold: 1 percent

The Tome of Emblems is a new item in TFT with this set update and contains four trait emblems within an Armory that will be skewed toward whichever active traits the player is currently fielding. To access the Armory containing these emblems, players will need space on their bench to sell Urf’s masterpiece from the bench.

The TFT Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes midset expansion is currently live for testing on the PBE right now, and will hit live servers on July 21 via Patch 11.15.