TFT Set 5.5 PBE July 8 patch addresses Radiant items and Akshan

A small number of changes are taking place today.

TFT Galio Set 5.5
Image via Riot Games

Riot has released a small PBE patch for Teamfight Tactics Set 5.5 Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes featuring adjustments to Radiant items, Akshan, Gwen, and Olaf.

Day one of Set 5.5 on the PBE has come to an end and day two is bringing a small number of balance changes. Scheduled to hit the live servers on July 21, TFT Set 5.5 contains new mechanics like Radiant items and new champions. A total of four new champions received nerfs and buffs today, along with three Radiant items. 

Radiant Chalice of Power and Zeke’s Herald got 10 percent buffs while Radiant Morellonomicon had its starting mana reduced. Gwen was buffed at three-star while Akshan had his mana adjusted to 60/120, along with a slight nerf to his attack damage. Olaf’s on-hit healing was nerfed and units should stop chasing after enemies thrown by Syndra. 

Here’s every TFT buff and nerf in the July 8 PBE Set 5.5 patch:

Radiant items

  • Radiant Chalice of Power: Grants 10 percent spell vamp to the holder of Radiant Chalice and adjacent allies
  • Radiant Morellonomicon: Starting mana reduced from 45 to 30
  • Radiant Zeke’s Herald: Grants 10 percent lifesteal to the holder of Radiant Zekes and adjacent allies

Champion balance changes

  • Olaf: On-hit healing changed from 30/40/100 to 25/35/75
  • Syndra: Grabbed units are untargetable. This should prevent allied units from chasing after the thrown unit
  • Galio: Spell damage reduction adjusted from 70/75/90 to 60/70/90 percent
  • Akshan: Mana adjusted from 40/100 to 60/120. Attack damage reduced from 75 to 70
  • Gwen: Spell damage increased at three-star from 777 to 1777. Spell armor and magic resistance shred adjusted from 1/1/5 to 1/1/11

PBE bug fixes

  • Forgotten win indicator rings scaling oddly across different champions has been resolved
  • Item Remover and Reforger will not show up in Armories
  • Radiant items will reforge into other Radiant items, instead of vanilla items
  • Cannoneer damage is no longer able to trigger on-hits like Vayne’s Silver Bolts
  • Kennen should no longer fail to find a target for his second dash
  • Force of Darkness removed from rules text on Reforger tooltip
  • Adjusted health bar height for Gwen and Fiddlesticks
  • Fiddlestick’s tooltip healing was fixed.