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TFT Patch 14.11 notes for Set 11 features significant tweaks to Inkborn Fables meta

Mostly minor changes are getting tested so far.

Heading into the back half of Teamfight Tactics Set 11 Inkborn Fates, Patch 14.11 contains balance tweaks for the metagame, along with Pride cosmetics.

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When does TFT Set 11 Patch 14.11 go live?

A TFT character looking at something with a big sparkle in their eyes.
Patch 14.11 is looking like a small minor patch so far. Image via Riot Games

Due to the Memorial Day holiday in North America, the Patch 14.11 update will drop a day later onto the live servers. The official release date for TFT Set 11 Patch 14.11 is May 30. You can start collecting Pride cosmetics when the update goes live. The new Five-year Bash Pengu’s Party game mode is dropping onto the PBE servers through Patch 14.11 for testing before it goes live through Patch 14.12. And mobile players can now strategize through the Team Planner from the main lobby or while in a queue.

Here are the full TFT Set 11 Inkborn Fables Patch 14.11 notes.

What are the TFT Patch 14.11 trait balance changes?

Only two traits received balance changes, improving both Ghostly and Trickshot slightly.

  • Ghostly: Bonus damage from spectre at breakpoint of eight increased from 32 to 36 percent.
  • Trickshot: The percentage of previous bounce damage at breakpoint of four increased from 50 to 60 percent.

What are the TFT Patch 14.11 champion balance changes?

Minor champion changes for TFT Set 11 were mostly shipped for Patch 14.11, with Syndra as the only exception. The team also increased the power levels of three-star one and two-cost champions to improve reroll strategies.

One cost TFT champion changes

TFT Set 11 one-cost championPatch 14.11 balance change
DariusSpell damage to adjacent enemies reduced from 200/300/450 to 190/285/450 percent
GarenMana nerfed from 30/70 to 30/80
Kha’ZixSpell attack damage percent buffed at three-star for reroll to 340/340/350 percent
SivirAbility AD buffed at three-star to 95/95/110 percent and attack speed at three-star buffed to 15/20/30 percent
YasuoPassive damage while shielded changed from 40/40/45/ to 30/45/70 percent

Two-cost TFT champion changes

TFT Set 11 two-cost championPatch 14.11 balance change
AatroxHeal slightly increased from 120/140/180 to 120/150/200 percent
GnarStacking attack damage increased from 40 to 45 times
SennaAbility AD percent buffed at three-star to 230/230/245 percent
SennaAbility attack damage buffed at three-star to 20/25/35 percent
QiyanaAttack damage reduced from 55 to 50

Three-cost TFT champion changes

TFT Set 11 three-cost championPatch 14.11 balance change
DianaReduced damage changed from 30 to 30/30/35 percent
DianaAbility damage on hit changed from 75/110/170 to 75/110/180 percent
YoneAbility shield increased at three-star to 250/300/375 percent
YoneAbility damage increased at three-star to 165/1465/180 percent

Four-cost TFT champion changes

TFT Set 11 four-cost championPatch 14.11 balance change
KaynHealth increased from 1100/1980/3564 to 1150/2070/3726
NautilusMana changed from 60/160 to 60/170
SyndraStarting butterflies reduced from 8/8/10 to 6/6/10
SyndraButterfly damage increased from 40/60/180 to 45/70/180 percent (This is a slight nerf to one-star and a buff to two-star)

Five-cost TFT champion changes

TFT Set 11 five-cost championPatch 14.11 balance change
LissandraMagic damage adjusted from 640/960/8888 to 660/990/8888

What are the TFT Patch 14.11 Augment changes?

Patch 14.11 will remove Cybernetic Bulk and Uplink at all tiers from appearing at Stage 2-1. Other balance changes were minor.

  • Built Different (Gold-tier): Health increased to 220-480 and attack speed increased to 40-55 percent.
  • Grim Harvest (Gold-tier): Omnivamp increased from four to five percent. Champions gained changed from Kha’Zix and Kindred to Yone and Kindred.
  • Lucky Paws (Gold-tier): Kobuko’s ability damage was reduced from 250 to 225 percent.
  • Venerable Piggy Bank (Gold-tier): Bonus gold reduced from three to two.
  • Dragonlord Crown (Prismatic-tier): Champion gained changed from Janna to Diana and Janna.
  • Final Ascension (Prismatic-tier): Will no longer appear at Stage 2-1
  • Porcelain Crown (Prismatic-tier): Champion gained changed from Lux to Amumu.

What are the TFT Patch 14.11 item changes?

Only four TFT Set 11 items were adjusted for Patch 14.11. Diamond Hands and Moonstone Renewer were nerfed slightly, while Needlessly Big Gem got a small buff. And Cursed Blade was finally enabled.

  • Cursed Blade: Attacks reduce the target’s maximum health by three percent. A total of 13 attacks on the same target will reduce a unit’s star level by one. Attack speed is 15 percent and magic resistance is 20.
  • Diamond Hands: Health reduced from 400 to 300
  • Moonstone Renewer: Shield per stage reduced from 100 plus 50 per stage to 60 plus 50 per stage
  • Moonstone Renewer: Maximum shield nerfed from 400 to 360
  • Needlessly Big Gem: Health increased from 250 to 300

What are the TFT Patch 14.11 bug fixes?

Around a half dozen bug fixes were shipped, from tooltip updates to Irelia’s ability, which is now critically striking at the correct rate.

  • Items More More-ellonomicon and Crest of Cinders are now burning enemies at two percent.
  • The Critical Strike damage from PvE monsters is now the intended 140 percent.
  • Branching out will no longer say “after zero combats.”
  • No more inconsistent health issues with Suspicious Trench Coat should arise.
  • Issues with Umbral not working when an Emblem was put on a unit before combat have been resolved.
  • Critical Strikes from Irelia’s ability now work at the correct rate.
  • Portals will no longer fail if a player leaves the voting area early.

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