TFT Patch 12.12 may shake up meta with reworks, major nerfs, and buffs

Several champions and Augments were reworked.

Image via Riot Games

There are a massive number of Teamfight Tactics balance changes and reworks that will target champions, traits, and Draconic Augments in the upcoming 12.12 Set Seven Dragonlands patch.

Patch 12.12 will release on June 23, a day later than usual, in observation of Juneteenth. The first official balance patch since the launch of TFT Set Seven Dragonlands is massive, targeting overpowered traits, champions, and Draconic Augments while also reworking issues the team wasn’t happy about with the shipped release. Players will also notice the Astral emblem has been reactivated after bugs were fixed, but the emblem will never show up on a Carousel.

Some of the changes that are expected to take place in the upcoming patch were revealed today by game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer and game designer Kent “Riot Kent” Wu during the 12.12 TFT Patch Rundown. All balance adjustments are subject to change before Patch 12.12 drops on June 23. 

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A total of four champion reworks are included in Patch 12.12, targeting all tiers of Set Seven champions. The rework applied to Tahm Kench changes how damage is dealt. Sylas was reworked, preventing the Set Seven champion from Mana-Reaving on the first cast or casting their spell on Mana-Reaved targets.

Daeja was reworked so that the dragon’s missile barrage is always on and a part of her passive instead of a temporary buff that takes place 10 seconds after the dragon had cast. The rework is a buff to Daeja, as is the one for Shyvana that reworked her spell so that it will cast immediately upon transformation and that her fire breath moves with her. 

Draconic Augments were also hit with reworks via Built Different so that stats scale with Stages, between Stages two and five. And True Twos was reworked, granting a random two-star one-cost and one random two-star two-cost Set Seven champion. 

Diana will get a bug fix that prevents her shield from stacking on itself once all the orbs burst and will refresh as it originally intended. The shield was stacking up to 800 health, according to the Patch Rundown. The bug fix is a nerf to the Assassin Set Seven champion, but she was also buffed via another bug fix that has Diana’s orbs properly scaling with ability power from now on. Talon also got a bug fix buff to ensure damage is applied to secondary targets his blades pass through.

And the Treasure Dragon is getting reworked slightly, improving the flow of the new Stage within TFT Set Seven. At the start of Stage 5-1, players will no longer get gold added or have an automatic shop refresh triggered. The team removed the three-second phase between Stage 4-7 and Stage 5-1. And the Treasure Dragon will no longer automatically make a selection two seconds before the Stage 4-7 60-second timer runs out. 

The official patch notes for the TFT Set Seven Dragonlands update will be released on June 22, with the patch hitting the live servers on June 23.