Mortdog promises ‘very big’ TFT PBE update on Oct. 26

Today's update is the calm before a storm of changes.

TFT Set 6 Malzahar
Image via Riot Games

Game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer revealed a small Teamfight Tactics PBE update today, assuring players that tomorrow’s update will be a “very big one.”

Following the PBE Clash tournament from over the weekend that showcased a number of standout carriers and meta comps, the TFT balance team has a huge update planned to drop on Oct. 26, according to Mortdog. Until then, several small changes were made in today’s update, along with a good number of bug fixes. 

As promised by TFT senior game designer James “Riot Statikk” Bach during the PBE Clash, Hextech Augment Wise Spending was moved from tier two to three and Hyper Roll was shifted from tier one to two. A change was also made to the Imperial trait at five, providing Imperial units with 40 percent bonus damage while the Tyrant still deals 100 percent bonus damage. 

A total of nine TFT bug fixes are being applied in today’s PBE update, with more on the way in tomorrow’s patch. Fixes to issues range from visual and mission criteria to Set Six trait and champion bugs. 

  • Yone’s clone improperly healing while having the Socialite bonus was resolved
  • The Mercenary trait with seven will now roll from the luckier dice table
  • Dual Rule will now properly create two Tyrants via cases where Imperial units do equal or no damage from the previous combat round
  • Pre-combat Tyrant markers will now get removed from Imperial units upon the trait being deactivated
  • If the Innovation trait levels up during combat, the old innovator will get destroyed prior to the new one getting created
  • Ornn’s Rocket Propelled Fist now has VFX
  • Overflow units will now combine into a three-star unit 
  • Cost of Knowledge mission will now grant progress
  • Generate a Scrap shield of 750 or more mission will now grant progress

The next TFT Set Six PBE update is scheduled to take place on Oct. 26 around 2pm CT. All adjustments made during PBE testing are subject to change prior to the official launch of Gizmos and Gadgets on Nov. 3.