TFT Mortdog 4-vs-4 Fates tournament coming in early October

This will be the second tournament for a new set with an alternative format.

Teamfight Tactics Yone
Image via Riot Games

The first team participating in the Teamfight Tactics Mortdog four-vs-four tournament was revealed yesterday. 

Scheduled to take place from Oct. 1 to 4, the second Mortdog TFT tournament will air via Giant Slayer TV at 2pm CT. Any and all players can sign up for the event until Sept. 20 at 10:59pm CT. But one team participating was already leaked yesterday in a trailer hyping up the tournament. 

The TFT Set Four Tourney Arc trailer showcased K3Soju from Cloud9, Kiyoon, who just recently signed with TSM, Kurumx of Team Liquid, and Golden Guardians’ Delicious Milk. The trailer also features “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” by Lorde, from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack. 

A total of 32 teams (128 players) will compete in the second Mortdog TFT tournament in October. The event will take place over the course of four days and will showcase a unique format. 

  • Day one: A total of six games will take place, featuring all 32 teams. After the first three games, points are reset, with the highest-scoring team of each lobby advancing following each reset. 
  • Day two: A total of 32 players (eight teams) will compete over the course of seven games. The remaining eight teams will play against every opposing team, one game each. The four highest-scoring teams advance to day three. 
  • Day three: Four teams will play a total of six games, two games against every opposing team. The two highest-scoring teams advance to the finals on day four. 
  • Day four: The final two teams will compete against each other with a mark of reaching 80 total points. Once a team hits 80 points, a first-place finish from a member of that team will secure win the event. 

Teams can sign up for the Mortdog TFT Set Four Fates tournament through the GSTV Discord up until Sept. 20 at 10:59pm CT.