TFT Mismatched Socks goes next-level with Ahri positioning

Rank up with proper Ahri positioning.

Image via Riot Games

Positioning in Teamfight Tactics can mean the difference between who places in the top-four, and Mismatched Socks has the low-down on how to position Ahri correctly in order to climb the ladder.  

Balance changes went into effect yesterday with the TFT 10.13 update, boosting traits like Battlecast while nerfing Riven’s spell shield slightly. But Sorcerers are still a viable trait, especially with Riven and Mech Pilot, despite players typically positioning Ahri incorrectly. In a full breakdown of how to position Ahri correctly on Reddit, Mismatched Socks explained how to get the most off an Ahri ultimate via positioning her correctly. 

  • Don’t place Ahri in the front or second line. Keep her safe.
  • Take into consideration how an enemy frontline will move based on your frontline positioning. 
  • Be sure that Ahri’s ultimate pops off on a slanted angle and not via a direct diagonal one. 
  • Keep Ahri close enough to hit an enemy frontline and move her up when wanting to hit the backline.

Ahri, similar to Illaoi, will always cast her ultimate at the target she is attacking, according to Mismatched Socks. The length of travel from her ultimate is five hexes away from her and her hitbox is the width of one hex. 

“You should almost always place Ahri exactly 2 spaces behind your outermost frontliner due to how wrapping works,” says Mismatched Socks.

Image via Mismatched Socks

To maximize damage from Ahri’s ultimate it’s best to position her in the third row within the second hex from the left or right. Players should then put their tanks on the frontline directly in front of Ahri, to assist her ultimate in hitting multiple targets at one time. 

Having ranked first and second in Set 2 and Set 3 within TFT, Mismatched Socks knows a thing or two about being able to edge out opponents to climb the ladder. Be sure to read his full guide on how to position Ahri correctly, and watch him stream via Twitch here.