TFT 11.16 B-patch nerfs Tristana and Lulu

Two balance changes are expected to gently tweak the meta.

TFT Set 5.5 Tristana
Image via Riot Games

A B-patch containing nerfs to Tristana and Lulu will go live in Teamfight Tactics today, slightly tweaking the 11.16 Set 5.5 meta. 

Scheduled to drop around 2pm CT, the TFT 11.16 B-patch targets the “Tristana backline comp,” according to Riot Games game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. The midweek update will also hit Lulu, with the team continuing its “strategy of going light to not overcorrect the meta.” 

Tristana is having her attack damage slightly reduced from 65 to 60, along with her attack speed going from 0.8 to 0.75. The Canonnoneer’s mana will also be adjusted from 75/125 to 50/125. The small nerfs to Tristana are intended to tone down the Set 5.5 champion without nerfing her into the ground. 

Similar minor adjustments are taking place with Lulu, reducing the number of her spell targets at three-star. Her Polymorph duration is getting hit from 1.5/2/2.5 to 1.5 seconds at every star level. The TFT Hellion champion will also receive a mana adjustment from 40/100 to 60/120. 

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With the TFT World Reckoning Championship on the horizon, the balance team’s goal is to create as healthy a meta as possible without making any major adjustments. The two nerfs to the Hellion comp should tone it down without removing it as a playable comp. 

The TFT 11.16 B-patch for Set 5.5 is expected to hit the live servers around 2pm CT. Patch 11.17 is scheduled to take place on Aug. 25.