Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Fates spoiler season starts next week

Mortdog revealed multiple teasers for the upcoming Fates set.

Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Lee Sin
Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer teased during his stream today new concepts arriving in Set Four and when Fates spoilers for the set will begin.

Set Four in TFT is scheduled to launch on Sept. 16 with the 10.19 patch. Spoilers for the upcoming Fates set will begin sometime during the week of Aug. 24. Mortdog refrained from revealing too much information regarding TFT Set Four today on stream. But he did drop some teasers for fans, saying “the new maps are sick” and full of “vibrant colors.” 

Carousels will have changes taking place in Set Four Fates that “reduce the amount of variance,” according to Mortdog.

“The second Carousel has an 80 percent chance for one of every item and one random,” Mortdog said. “Then there’s a 15 percent chance for one of every item, plus one spatula. And the last five percent will have three spatulas and six random items.”

There’s also a new set mechanic that Mortdog is certain “our deepest engaged players will love.” And when asked about re-roll comps, Mortdog reiterated that re-roll comps are totally possible with 58 total champions in Set Four. He also teased that a new trait and mechanic will support re-roll comps.

No rank changes are scheduled to take place at the launch of Set Four, but Mortdog did tell Dot Esports that the TFT team agrees rank changes need to take place and are still in discussion to make those changes happen. Whether the rank adjustments will be ready to go live during the Fates midset launch is unknown at this time.

Pro TFT players will get a first look at Set Four soon, according to Mortdog, with him presenting Fates to them. Top players who qualified to compete in the Galaxies Championship on Sept. 3 will also get to play Set Four via a livestream taking place on Sept. 5. Mortdog will run a special Fates PBE stream on Sept. 6 in celebration of his one-year streaming anniversary. Players with PBE access will be able to test out Set Four when it arrives on the testing server at the end of August.

Set Four in TFT is scheduled to go live on Sept. 16 with it launching in PBE the weekend of Aug. 29 and 30.