Teamfight Tactics PBE changes could shake up the meta in Patch 10.15

Jinx might be getting a significant buff.

Teamfight Tactics Set Three Jinx
Image via Riot Games

Four major adjustments to champions on the Teamfight Tactics PBE may have a major impact on the upcoming meta in Patch 10.15. 

Following Patch 10.14, two hotfixes have been implemented for Syndra and Jarvan IV. Dark Star continues to dominate the meta but several adjustments could change things up once again. Four TFT champions have nerfs and buffs being tested on the PBE: Jhin, Lucian, Jarvan IV, and Jinx. 

A hotfix applied to Jarvan IV yesterday increased the Dark Star/Protector’s mana from 40/80 to 60/100. And while the nerf was minor, an adjustment is being tested on Jarvan that reverts his attack speed from 60/70/80 percent to 75/85/95 percent. 

Patch 10.14 applied a small nerf to Jinx but didn’t “kill” her. She’s been seeing slightly less play since then, though. In an attempt to boost Blasters, Jinx could see another increase in her attack speed to 75/100/150 percent. In live gameplay, her attack speed is at 50/70/100 percent.

Blasters will also possibly get a buff via Lucian. His ability damage has been increased from 150/200/375 to 200/250/500 on the PBE. 

Shaco seems to be the main carry for Dark Stars, followed by Jhin. But the sniper is getting tested with a lowered ability AD that runs from 350/500/4,444 percent to 344/444/4,444 percent. 

All changes made on the PBE are tentative. TFT Patch 10.15 will drop on July 22.