Teamfight Tactics micro patch fixes 10.15 bugs to Mech, Fizz, and Plunder

The bugs weren't in the game long.

Teamfight Tactics TFT Riot Mort
Image via Riot Games

A micro patch was applied to Teamfight Tactics tonight due to bugs that were affecting Mech, Fizz, and Plunder Island. 

Patch 10.15 has been heralded as one of the best Set 3.5 patches in TFT. Balance has been restored to a majority of comps and champions, allowing players to pursue a variety of avenues from early to late game. But a couple of bugs were detected that needed resolving today.  

Issues included Mech and Fizz turning invulnerable and even finding themselves on the wrong board. The Galaxy Plunder Planet was also adjusted, providing the correct amount of booty.

Here are the official mid-game July 23 mico patch notes for TFT:

  • Fixed a bug where the Mech and Fizz would turn invulnerable and find themselves on the wrong board.
  • Fixed a bug where a player would take damage when someone else surrendered.
  • Plunder Island needed more booty and should now have the correct amount of booty. 

Other possible issues floating around that players have reported include nine Blademasters passive, not procting correctly, along with Urgot being able to kill a Mech with GA on it. No other hotfixes or patches in TFT have been scheduled or revealed at this time. All bugs should be clipped, if possible, and reported. 

Outside of the initial bugs, patch 10.15 has been a success. Comps like Astro Snipers, Mystic Vanguard, and Star Guardians have returned to top-four placements. And even Dark Star and Protectors are still viable inclusions. Even Jinx in Rebels has seen a return in TFT patch 10.15.