Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.15: Notes and updates

Riot made some minor tweaks to balance out the meta.

Teamfight Tactics Battlecast Urgot
Image via Riot Games

No items were adjusted in Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.15, but several champions were slightly tweaked to improve the overall balance of the metagame. 

Patch 10.15 contains a number of small adjustments, pulling fewer levers while making tweaks to balance out the meta following Patch 10.14. There’s also a new TFT Galaxy, Plunder Planet, as Neekoverse bids farewell. And instead of two completed items in the Galactic Armory Galaxy, players will now receive three individual component items.

From a possible return of Jinx to another Jarvan IV nerf, here are the changes made within TFT Patch 10.15

One-cost TFT champions

Only two one-cost champions were tweaked in TFT Patch 10.15. Graves’ Smoke Grenade Blind Duration was increased from 2/3/5 to 3/4/6, while Jarvan took a hit to his bonus attack speed, reduced from 75/85/95 percent to 50/60/75 percent. 


  • Smoke Grenade Blind Duration increased from 2/3/5 to 3/4/6.

Jarvan IV

  • Bonus Attack Speed reduced from 75/85/95 percent to 50/60/75 percent. 

Two-cost TFT champions

Several changes were made to two-cost champs that include two levers pulled on Darius and a Rakan health reduction.


  • Health increased from 750 to 800.
  • Darius Mana reduced 60 to 50.


  • Mana reduced from 0/35 to 0/30.
  • Relentless Pursuit Damage increased 150/200/375 to 200/250/750.


  • Health reduced 750 to 650.

Three-cost TFT champions

The only three-cost champion to receive an adjustment was the blade-swinging Master Yi. Blademaster might return as a viable comp via Master Yi’s armor increase from 30 to 50 and his magic resist jumping up from 20 to 35. 

Master Yi

  • Armor increased from 30 to 50.
  • Magic Resist increased from 20 to 35. 

Four-cost TFT champions

Jinx had two levers pulled in Patch 10.15, while Viktor received a mana reduction. 


  • Fourth Shot Damage reduced from 350/500/4444 percent to 344/444/4444 percent.
  • Attack Speed on the first takedown increased from 50/70/100 percent to 70/80/125 percent.


  • Mana reduced from 70 to 60.

Five-cost TFT champions

Five-cost champions Janna, Urgot, and Xerath saw their starting total mana adjusted in Patch 10.15. 


  • Starting total mana reduced from 30/100 to 20/100.


  • Starting total mana increased from 50/100 to 60/100.


  • Starting total mana reduced from 30/80 to 0/70.

Bug fixes

  • Nocturne’s Unspeakable Horror damage now properly interacts with Quicksilver Sash (he won’t fear the target, but the damage will go through).
  • Match History should again show items for everyone instead of just first place.
  • The delay at the end of the round has returned, giving players time to pick things up.
  • Tiebreakers should now do the math properlyupon going into overtime.