Teamfight Tactics’ 10.20 B-Patch only targets 4 champions

Patch 10.20's overperformers are getting nerfed.

Teamfight Tactics Ashe
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games dropped Teamfight Tactics’ 10.20 B-Patch today, which adjusted the stats of Aphelios, Janna, Ashe, and Veigar. 

Players expecting a nerf to be applied to Ahri’s Spirit Bomb will have to wait, though. The Spirit champion escaped any individual changes made to her in the TFT 10.20 B-Patch. Adjustments were made to Aphelios and Janna’s mana, Ashe’s attack speed, and Veigar’s Dark Blossom damage. The Spirit trait was also hit with an attack speed reduction. 

Here’s every TFT 10.20 B-Patch change:

  • Spirit attack speed reduced from 35/80 to 35/70.
  • Aphelios starting mana reduced from 120 to 90.
  • Ashe Hunter’s Focus bonus attack speed reduced from 50/75/300 to 45/65/300.
  • Veigar Dark Blossom damage reduced from 500/650/1,000 to 450/600/900.
  • Janna’s maximum mana increased from 50 to 60.

The Spirit trait has dominated the TFT 10.20 meta despite an initial nerf to the trait’s attack speed. Due to the trait still overperforming on a consistent basis, the B-Patch today nerfed Spirit’s attack speed again down to 35/70. Brawler/Ashe continues to dominate the meta as well, resulting in a nerf to Ashe’s bonus attack speed as a one and two-star. 

Veigar was also hit with another nerf after changes in Patch 10.20 allowed the champion to target “lowest current health” instead of “lowest percent health.” In an effort to tone the Elderwood Mage down some, his Dark Blossom damage was reduced at every star stage. 

Several trait changes are being tested on the PBE too, potentially going live with te TFT Patch 10.21 on Oct. 14. In conjunction with those possible trait changes, today’s nerfs in the 10.20 B-Patch will likely improve the Set Four Fates meta moving forward.