Riot tweaks 7 traits in TFT Set 4.5 week 2 PBE patch

Balance changes to traits improve multiple early-game builds.

Image via Riot Games

Following a weekend break, principal Teamfight Tactics game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer revealed a number of trait balance changes today. 

Balance changes for the upcoming Fates: Festival of Beasts mid-set update within TFT resumed today with adjustments to a total of seven traits. Over the weekend, tacticians sorted a number of “best Set 4.5 PBE comps” that included Fabled Vanguard Mystic, Dragonsoul Slayer, Brawlers, and Warlords. Based on testing by Mortdog and his team, along with feedback from the TFT community, a total of seven traits received balance changes in today’s PBE patch. 

Due to the power of Brawlers, especially with a Chosen Shyvana, the traits’ attack damage stats were reduced to 10/20/60/120. The Slayer trait received two nerfs: reducing bonus damage from 20 to 60/40 to100 to 20 to 45/30 to 75 and a reduction in bonus Lifesteal from 20 to 40/40 to 80 to 20 to 45/30 to 75. 

Duelist champions have been performing well within the Set 4.5 PBE meta, though, and a slight buff to the trait at one-star will likely improve their early game. The Dragonsoul trait was reworked prior to the weekend break and was given a buff today in the number of souls (1/2/4 increased to 1/3/6). A buff to Keeper will also likely improve their early/late gameplay since the shield value was increased from 125/200/250 to 150/200/275.

Leading up to Set 4.5 on the PBE, the Cultist trait was on the radar with the addition of Vladimir and Sivir. Galio was buffed in the Jan. 7 PBE notes. And his power levels seem balanced, leading to two slight nerfs toward his health and attack damage within today’s update. A change was also made to nine Cultist Galio, providing 20 armor and magic resistance. 

Players can test out the mid-set TFT Set 4.5 on the PBE leading up to the official launch on Jan. 21.