Riot to fix Teamfight Tactics bug that allows players to sell Bard’s meeps for gold instead of XP at level 9

The fix should hit the PBE on Monday.

Image via Riot Games

It appears Bard’s adorable meeps are causing some problems on the Convergence.

Teamfight Tactics set designer Matthew Wittrock explained that a pesky Bard bug on the PBE will be fixed Monday, June 1. An old code allows players to sell meeps for gold instead of XP at level nine, creating one lucrative magical journey.

“Turns out there was still old code from when we were building the game that said ‘If the player is max level, and you give them 4 XP, give them 4 gold instead,’” the Riot dev said. “This will be fixed with Monday’s PBE deploy.”

Bard has already gotten positive attention from eager fans testing the mid-set update on the PBE. The Astro unit launches a meep onto his owner’s bench that sells for one XP.

TFT fans have taken advantage of this ability, equipping Bard with mana items like Seraph’s Embrace and Spear of Shojin. Items that help the Wandering Caretaker to summon as many meeps as possible give you free level ups, allowing you to spend gold on rerolling and units instead.

Since this strategy is often used in the early stages of a match, few players would keep a Bard at level nine. But being able to sell meeps for gold instead of XP would allow players to three-star units easier in the end game.

The TFT mid-set update hits the live servers with Patch 10.12, slated for an early June release.