Riot shakes up TFT Set 4 with tentative 10.20 patch balance changes

Get ready for a shift in the meta.

Teamfight Tactics Riven
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games released the Teamfight Tactics Fates patch 10.20 tentative changes today, including a number of buffs and several needed nerfs. 

Since the release of TFT Fates on Sept. 16, there hasn’t been a single hotfix or adjustment since the 10.19 patch. And while there’s a wide range of comps getting played thanks to the new Chosen mechanic, several issues surrounding champions and traits have come to light. The tentative changes revealed today by the TFT team give players a sense of what patch 10.20 will look like, without disclosing any specific details. 

Two additional notes were added to the post on Twitter as well, as Spirit will likely get nerfed in patch 10.20 and the nerfs to Veigar are more of an adjustment. Nerfs are to be expected following launch, and there are several within the tentative changes that are justified. 

Riven reclaimed her throne in the 10.19 patch, thanks to Dusk trait buffs. By herself, she’s slightly squishy but becomes unstoppable with six Dusk and tanky items. A popular item that’s often used on Riven, and during the early game to win-streak, has been Sunfire Cape—a nerf most players knew was due to take place in patch 10.20. Other expected nerfs include the Cultist trait, most likely due to early-game power, and a Sett nerf that may only entail his two and three-star stats. 

Unlike the nerfs, there are a few TFT tentative 10.20 patch buffs that are surprising. Annie has been a strong tank since launch and is a must-have in Mage comps for them to succeed. And the once-dominant Moonlight champs during PBE testing are all getting buffed, even Aphelios. 

Despite a couple of surprises, there are a number of buffs expected to drop in the TFT 10.20 patch that appear healthy. Keeper is a strong trait during the early and mid-game but falls off hard late-game. The Mage trait only succeeds at the moment with a three-star Annie, and Fortune remains more of a meme comp than a legit choice.

Vayne has been one of the weakest champions since launch, and five-cost units like Lee Sin and Yone are often passed over due to being squishy as one-star champions. Duelists have also suffered against late-game builds, possibly leading to the Xin Zhao and Jax buffs.

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Changes highlighted in today’s Fates announcement are subject to change prior to TFT patch 10.20 on  Sept. 30. It’s also likely that champions and traits not listed may get included in the balance patch as well, along with any system changes.