Riot Mortdog previews TFT 10.23 details in bi-weekly Patch Rundown

Lesser played comps should have a greater impact in the 10.23 meta.

Teamfight Tactics Xin Zhao
Image via Riot Games

Following the War/Witch-week metas from patches 10.21 and 10.22, Teamfight Tactics 10.23 update focuses on more trait changes and several key champion tweaks.

A micro-patch to the TFT 10.22 update on Oct. 30 balanced out the meta for the first time in weeks, removing Morgana’s accidental Spell Damage increase while adjusting several items. The upcoming 10.23 patch seeks to keep the meta balanced by “bringing up the lesser builds, according to TFT lead live balance designer James “Statikk” Bach. Lead game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer also announced a long-awaited system change towards champion movement, resulting in “more expected behavior.”

The Cultist trait in TFT Set Four is undergoing another adjustment, reducing Galio’s impact at six while strengthening his board state at nine by becoming immune to crowd control for eight seconds from the time of summoning. 

  • Mana: 50/150 adjusted to 75/150.
  • Demon Lord Galio (Cultist Six) base health reduced to1650.
  • Supreme Overlord Galio (Cultist Nine) enters the battle immune to CC for a total of eight seconds, once summoned.
  • Supreme Overlord Galio base health reduced to 2250.
  • Supreme Overlord Galio base Attack Damage reduced to 320.

Several other trait changes are also getting applied in the TFT 10.23 patch. Dazzler Attack Damage Reduction is getting adjusted to 40/80 percent from 50/80 percent. And the Hunter bonus damage is getting nerfed from 150/175/200/225 to 125/150/175/200 percent. Dazzler two is also getting slightly nerfed (40/80 percent AD reduction) while Divine has an increase to 50 percent DR and True Damage. 

Rewards were added for a Fortune loss streak at 10, 11, and 12 losses. And Keeper was buffed in shield duration, scaling with trait level at 8/10/14 seconds. 

Adjustments to Aphelios, Ahri, Xin Zhao, and Talon will take place in the TFT 10.23 patch. A rework to Xin Zhao’s Crescent Guard spell should improve the champion as an AD item carrier in Warlord comps. Mana for Xin Zhao, 40/80, was adjusted with the removal of challenging other units.

Another significant change was applied to Aphelios, in that his turrets no longer trigger on-attack effects or provide mana. But the turrets will trigger on-hit effects. Aphelios also received a starting mana change from 90/180 to 40/80, making it possibly the “single largest mana-reduction in the history of TFT.”

Ahri’s Spirit Bomb spell was nerfed slightly via becoming interruptable through stuns, prompting the “BEWM” champion to release her orb early, reducing the size and impact area from the spell. The slight nerf should make Ahri “less reliable,” according to Statikk, and “healthier to play against.” A nerf was also applied to Sejuani’s mana (70/150), making second and third casts “harder to go off” when tank items are stacked on the four-cost Vanguard. 

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All changes revealed during the Mortdog Rundown are subject to change prior to the release of the TFT 10.23 patch on Nov. 11. Players can test the upcoming adjustments via playing PBE. Patch 10.24 will take place on Nov. 24, containing a number of TFT system changes being tested in PBE.