Every tentative buff and nerf expected in TFT Patch 10.23

Multiple nerfs and buffs may provide the best Set Four meta yet.

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Lead Teamfight Tactics live balance designer James “Statikk” Bach and lead game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer revealed every nerf and buff expected to take place in the upcoming 10.23 patch via the Mortdog Rundown today. 

With a number of system changes scheduled to take place within the 10.24 update at the end of November, the TFT team focused on traits and champion adjustments for 10.23, which will go live Nov. 11. Following two bumpy updates, 10.21 and 10.22, the goal behind TFT Patch 10.23 was to provide lesser comps with a chance to have an impact while providing answers to powerful champions like Ahri and Talon. 


A buff was applied to Dazzler in 10.22, in which two Dazzler was “overshot,” according to Statikk. Cultist is also getting another rework, strengthening it at nine with crowd control for eight seconds while reducing power levels at six. Other traits adjusted were Divine (buffed), Hunter (nerfed), Keeper (buffed), Fortune (extended loss-streak rewards). 


  • Mana: 50/150 adjusted to 75/150.
  • Demon Lord Galio (Cultist Six) base health reduced to1650.
  • Supreme Overlord Galio (Cultist Nine) enters the battle immune to CC for a total of eight seconds, once summoned.
  • Supreme Overlord Galio base health reduced to 2250.
  • Supreme Overlord Galio base Attack Damage reduced to 320.


  • Attack damage teduction changed to 40/80 percent, from 50/80 percent. 


  • Damage reduction and true damage increased back to 50 percent.
  • Duration of Divine adjusted from 4/6/9/13 to 3/6/9/15 seconds. 


  • Attack damage bonus damage reduced at all scales from 150/175/200/225 to 125/150/175/200 percent.


  • Loss-streak “unique” rewards added at 10, 11, and 12 losses.


  • Rework to shield duration increasing from eight seconds to 8/10/14 seconds, scaling.  
  • Shield amount slightly adjusted from 175/250/400 to 175/250/350.


No one-cost champions are expected to receive adjustments in the upcoming TFT 10.23 patch. But champions like Aphelios and Xin Zhao are getting reworked. 


  • Turrets no longer trigger on-attack effects.
  • Turrets no longer grant mana, but will still trigger on-hit effects. 
  • Mana adjusted from 90/180 to 40/80. 
  • Attack speed changed from 0.7 to 0.75. 

Xin Zhao

  • New spell: Xin Zhao sweeps around him dealing 300/325/350 percent of his AD to nearby enemies and gains 50/60/75 Armor and MR for the rest of combat. 
  • Mana adjusted from 0/30 to 40/80.
  • A bug was fixed that prevented Xin Zhao from applying a critical strike. 

Other champions like Ahri and Talon received slight nerfs, providing other comps a chance to counter their powerful strikes. And several five-cost units were improved upon, providing various options during the late-game stages. 


  • Zed AD steal adjusted from 20/30/40 to 30/35/40 percent. 
  • Zed spell damage increased at one-star from 25/50/75 to 40/50/75.


  • Akali attack speed increased from 0.75 to 0.85.
  • Kalista health per arrow increased from 4/6/8 to 4/6/9 percent.
  • Katarina spell damage increased from 600/900/1600 to 750/900/1600.
  • Kennen armor Increased from 20 to 30. MR increased from 20 to 30. Spell damage reduced at three-star to 1200. 


  • Ahri spell was adjusted to a channel that can be interrupted, causing her to release early with reduced power and smaller impact size. Spell damage increased from 475/675/3000 to 500/700/3000. 
  • Ashe HP reduced from 650 to 600. Armor reduced from 25 to 20. 
  • Sejuani mana adjusted from 50/130 to 70/150.
  • Talon now targets the lowest armor unit instead of the highest damage. 
  • Warwick Fear duration nerfed to 0.75/0.75/3. Attack speed from Primal Hunger reduced to 135/150/500 percent. Spell failing bug resolved. 


  • Lee Sin three-star increased to “really good,” according to Mortdog.
  • Lillia mana changed from 75/125 to 80/120.
  • Kayn spell targeting fixed and adjusted to be more consistent in finding a valid target to spin towards. 

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Patch 10.23 in TFT goes into effect on Nov. 11. Players can test out the upcoming changes on the PBE.