Riot Mortdog previews buffs to Darius, Talon in TFT Patch 11.7

Minor adjustments could open the meta up some.

Image via Riot Games

Principal designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer and Riot “JBach” Statikk revealed balance changes taking place in the upcoming Teamfight Tactics 11.7 update.

Scheduled to hit live servers on March 31, the 11.7 TFT patch is not the same update for the Fates World Championship, which takes place from April 7 to 9. Worlds will be played on Patch 11.6, despite players having to train on 11.7. The upcoming balance patch “adds a little spice,” according to Statikk—including buffs to champions like Darius, Talon, and Nidalee, which were unveiled in the TFT 11.7 Patch Rundown today. 

Darius has been sitting on the cusp of greatness throughout most of TFT Set 4.5 Fates: Festival of Beasts. An adjustment to his falloff percent should “make Darius two and three-star much better,” according to Mortdog. Whether it will have a major impact on the 11.7 remains unknown, however.

Talon was given a buff at two and three-star, since the champion is still often overshadowed by Morgana within the Enlightened build. Nidalee was buffed at three-star, possibly providing her late-game stability within Sharpshooter and Warlord builds. And the Vanguard trait at eight was buffed by 200 armor, back to 1,000, while the MR was left alone. 

Here’s every buff and nerf players can expect to find in the TFT Patch 11.7:

  • Nidalee: Javelin Toss damage increased at three-star by 50 to 350.
  • Vladimir: Transfusion damage increased at three-star by 100 to 1,000.
  • Darius: Fortune’s Guillotine damage falloff upon reset was 25 percent, adjusted to 25/20/10 percent.
  • Irelia: Bladestorm disarm duration was increased by one second at three-star to five seconds.
  • Yuumi: Zoomies heal increased at three-star to 90 percent and missing health.
  • Aatrox: Infernal Chains damage increased at three-star by 500 to 2,500. 
  • Cho’Gath Rupture damage increased at three-star by 500 to 2,000.
  • Talon: Truestrike bonus damage increased at two and three-star from 100/150/400 to 100/200/600.
  • Shen: Max mana lock duration adjusted from 4/4/8 seconds to four seconds. 
  • Sejuani: Firecracker damage increased at three-star by 800 to 1,600.
  • Xayah: Featherstorm return damage increased at three-star by 200 to 600.
  • Vanguard: Eight Vanguard buffed 200 to 1,000.

Patch 11.7 will go live on March 31. The Fates World Championship will take place from April 7 to 9, and TFT Set Five Reckoning will release via PBE servers via Patch 11.8 on April 14.