Riot is changing how cosmetics are purchased in the TFT store

Crack a Treasure chest instead of an Egg.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Riot Games is set to implement a Teamfight Tactics store change on May 17, removing Eggs in exchange for Treasure Realms, it announced today. 

An upgrade to cosmetic purchases from the Teamfight Tactics store was brought about to “create a smoother, more rewarding experience for players who choose to invest in TFT,” according to Riot. The cosmetic change will eventually remove all Eggs from the store, replacing them with Treasure Realms, which are slated to drop onto the PBE prior to the live release of Patch 3.10 on May 17. 

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Players will purchase Treasure Realm chests using Treasure Tokens, a new form of currency getting added to the TFT store. Costs are not increasing with the changes getting implemented, though: A Treasure Realm will still have the same 390 RP price tag that was attached to an Egg. 

Treasure Realm chests will offer players a variety of rotated content, according to Riot, allowing players to use unspent Treasure Tokens on future cosmetics. The change shifts priority from bundles to the Treasure Realm chests, providing flexibility while potentially offering players additional value. 

Players can open one Treasure Realm at a time or 10, speeding up the reveal process that was dauntingly slow with Eggs. Riot is also adding “bonuses and safety nets for players who unlock all available Star Content on a specific Bounty.”

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The official changeover will take place on May 17 through the Patch 13.10 update. Eggs will remain in the TFT Store through Patch 13.12, which drops onto the live servers on June 14. Players who still have uncracked Eggs can open them past the removal of Eggs. 

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