Riot introduces Teamfight Tactics players for OCENA Qualifier Finals

The best TFT players in OCE/NA are ready for a shot to compete at the Galaxies Championship.

Image via Riot Games

The first OCENA Qualifier Finals in Teamfight Tactics will take place this weekend, featuring 24 players from the Oceania and North American regions.

The Qualifier Finals are underway this week in TFT, leading up to the Galaxies Championship in September. Through a number of qualifying events that have taken place over the last 12 weeks, and ranked ladder standings, a total of 24 TFT players have earned the right to compete at the OCENA Qualifier Finals on Aug. 14 to 15. 

Here’s a list of the qualified players:

  • Delicious Milk, team Golden Guardians
  • Sleet TFT
  • Simple Plan
  • Robin Songz
  • Grand Vice8, team f2k
  • C9 k3soju, team Cloud9
  • Mismatched Socks, team BeastCoast
  • Poltsc2, Team Liquid
  • Kurumx, Team Liquid
  • Zugrug
  • Kiyoon
  • M35S
  • The Hentai God
  • Nhân tâm TFT
  • Sphinx
  • Treebeard TwTv
  • ReplayReplay
  • Cottontail
  • Agon
  • WowitsPat
  • Kirin Supreme
  • Oubo
  • Razza
  • Chatskiiees

Only the top two players will advance to compete at the TFT Galaxies Global Championship and have a chance to earn a piece of the total $200,000 prize pool. Coverage for the OCENA Qualifier Finals begins on Aug. 14 at 8pm CT on the Riot Games Twitch channel. DoA, Kien, thatsPRIMAL, and Becca will be covering all the action.  

Image via Riot Games

Competition at the OCENA Qualifier Finals will take place over the course of two days. The first day will feature three lobbies and seven rounds of group play in the Traditional Swiss format. Eight players will advance to day two based on the highest number of points earned.

Image via Riot Games

The first player to reach 16 points on day two will win the OCENA Qualifier Finals. Once a winner is declared, the player with the most points will finish second. Both players will then advance to the TFT Galaxies Championship on Sept. 3. 

Update Aug. 10 4:50pm CT: Riot Games told Dot Esports that the information it initially provided regarding the day two format was incorrect. We’ll update the format information as soon as it becomes available.

Update Aug. 10 7:40pm CT: Riot Games updated the incorrect format information for day two of the OCENA Qualifier Finals. Information from Riot had previously stated second place needed to earn eight points to qualify for the Galaxies Championship.