Pockygom wins NA TFT Challenger Series, first to qualify for Mid-Set Finale

NA TFT has a new name competing with the big dogs.

Image via Riot Games

The first of four Teamfight Tactics Challenger Series to take place in the North American region has ended with a surprising victor.

Pockygom, a lesser-known name in the North American TFT scene, dominated the two-day event, finishing above TSM’s Kiyoon by six points. With this win, Pockygom has secured a spot in the Mid-Set Finale that will directly qualify four players to the Regional Finals.

Image via GiantSlayerTFT

Pockygom was up and down in the first few lobbies but won back-to-back games to take home the victory. Playing a mix of Draven and Jax carry compositions, Pockygom was able to pivot between these two champions that use similar items depending on what they hit. But overall, players have been struggling to find consistency on this TFT patch.

With the current high-level meta being quite linear in compositional decision-making, consistency has gone out the window. Players are having to contest with others for the best comps, like Skirmishers. In most lobbies during this event, up to six of the eight players were chasing a Skirmishers-based composition. This shows in the event’s final scoreboard, where no player was able to score consistently well.

Here’s the full results leaderboard for the first NA TFT Challenger Series.

  1. PockyGom: 40 points
  2. TSM Kiyoon: 34 points
  3. SpencerTFT: 32 points
  4. Mismatched Socks: 30 points
  5. C9 K3Soju: 29 points
  6. TL GV8: 28 points
  7. Pawnup: 27 points
  8. TL Kurumx: 26 points
  9. Setsuko
  10. Sphinx
  11. DQA TFT
  12. Velayy
  13. Noobowl
  14. Marcel P
  15. Guubums
  16. Souless

The next three events in the Challenger Series are set to take place on June 2 to 3, June 16 to 17, and June 30 to July 1. Along with these four events, players can qualify for the North American Regional Finals via a number of other events and Ladder Snapshots.

The TFT Set Five Reckoning Mid-Set Finale will be held on July 18.