New Immortal Creatures join the Teamfight Tactics Little Legends cast in Patch 10.12

A unicorn, a deer, and a monkey-bird are ready to help out in the space battle.

Image via Riot Games

The Teamfight Tactics’ mid-set update promises tons of new content to sift through. But some of us are just in it for the new Little Legends.

A celestial trio will join the ranks of Little Legends in Patch 10.12, bringing fabled creatures to Set Three: Galaxies. The Immortal Creatures line will include a radiant unicorn, a regal deer, and a “mischievous prankster,” according to today’s dev blog post.

“Across Runeterra, parents read their children bedtime fables of great evils defeated by divine creatures,” Riot said. “These mythic creatures have resurfaced in the wild, answering a mysterious call from higher forces to protect the innocent.”

The Lightcharger, which can be seen “soaring across the skies” as “dusk turns to night,” clearly pays homage to one of the most majestic magical creatures—the unicorn. The bright blue, glimmering horse should provide a fine companion on the Convergence.

The Bellswayer’s use of chimes “inspires and compels” sprites to “follow and serve.” The proud deer is elegant and ready to wipe out intergalactic scum. And the Nixie appears to fuse monkey and bird elements to create an adorable prankster. “Sweet one moment and deadly the next,” the feathered friend will make you laugh and your opponents cry.

TFT fans eager to get their hands on the new Little Legends will have to wait until the mid-set update, which is slated to go live in early June.