NA dominates first day of TFT Fates World Championship

All four NA competitors are moving on to the second day of Worlds.

Image via Riot Games

North American representatives at the Teamfight Tactics Fates World Championship showcased their skills today against players from seven other global regions. All four NA players are advancing to the second day of the competition. 

Eight regions from around the globe were represented by 24 total players. But the four NA competitors—Team Liquid Kurumx, RamKev, DQA, and Mismatched Socks—put the world on notice during the first day of the tournament. Taking place from April 7 to 9, players competing at TFT Worlds were seated in one of three lobbies during the first day of play.

A total of five rounds were played and seating within each lobby was determined by point standings at Worlds, with the first round lobbies being based on regional performances. At the end of five rounds, Team Liquid Kurumx stood atop the leaderboard with 33 points after placing top four in every round and picking up two first-place finishes. DQA also placed in the top-four of every round and wrapped up day one with 28 points. 

RamKev finished the first day of the TFT World Championship in second with 29 points, earning one first-place lobby finish and placing top four in four of the five rounds played. Mismatched Socks had a strong start and quickly regained his momentum following a seventh-place finish during round three, wrapping up day one with a total of 24 points. 

Here are the lobby finishes over the course of five rounds for all four NA competitors:

  • Kurumx: 3,3,1,4,1
  • RamKev: 4,6,2,1,3
  • DQA: 3,4,4,2,4
  • Mismatched Socks: 3,1,7,5,5

All four NA competitors played aggressively throughout the day, maintaining a “strongest board” while quickly transitioning into top-performing end-game comps like Samira Slayer and Mage Aurelion Sol. 

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Attempting to keep up with the NA players, four out of the five EU representatives advanced to the second day of TFT Worlds as well. Pas De Bol had the strongest showing of the day with a total of 26 points, followed by Ging with 25 points. Other players who finished in the top-eight standings were OCE representative Razza with 25 points, Korea’s 8LJayWalking with 29 points, and China’s Juanzi with 25 points. 

Here are the top-16 TFT players who will move on to the second day of competition at the Fates World Championship. 

NA Kurumx: 33 pointsEU Lallana: 25 points
NA RamKev: 29 pointsCN Huanmie: 24 points
KR 8LJayWalking: 29 pointsKR SCSC: 24 points
NA DQA: 28 pointsNA Mismatched Socks: 24 points
EU Pas De Bol: 26 pointsJP Yatsuhashi: 24 points
EU Ging: 25 pointsCN Kezi: 23 points
OCE Razza: 25 pointsEU Lyyyress: 21 points
CN Juanzi: 25 pointsZyKOo: 21 points

Day two of the TFT Fates World Championship coverage begins at 7am CT. Only eight players will advance to the final lobby on April 9.