Memes come true: Riot on Rammus finally joining Teamfight Tactics


Image via Riot Games

Rammus has been watching plenty of League of Legends champions make an appearance in Teamfight Tactics, only to never see the light of day himself. But his misery will soon come to an end. 

Riot Games added new units like Silco before including Rammus in TFT. Finally, however, Rammus is coming to TFT with Set Eight—and Riot explained why it waited so long to feature him.

In an interview with Dexerto, set design lead Lynda Tang said Riot originally planned to feature Rammus in Sets Six and Seven but eventually gave up on the idea. “From previous experiences, we’ve thought about having him as a one-cost in Set 6 but we thought players would be disappointed,” Tang said. “Set 7 was mostly about Dragons, even though some of you have rightly observed this Dragon [Terra] seems a lot like Rammus.”

All jokes aside, many League fans will be happy to finally see their favorite armadillo make his debut in TFT. And honestly, it might be better that we had to wait until Set Eight for him to make it into the game because his early appearance simply may not have lived up to our expectations. 

Riot’s TFT game director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer also discussed the memes surrounding Rammus’ status in TFT. “I like a good meme and to be honest we were leaning into it really hard so it made for a good opportunity,” Mortdog said. “If anything, I’ll be looking for the next good meme we can do.”

Finally, Riot revealed its plans for the future of TFT, with the next champion definitely coming to the game being Karthus. “We know next is going to be Karthus so we have to find the right spot for him,” Mortdog said. “We’ll be keeping an eye on how long it’s been.”

TFT Set Eight is scheduled to hit the PBE tomorrow, Nov. 15.