Rammus will be in TFT Set 8

Yes, really.

Image via Riot Games

This is not a drill. In Teamfight Tactics’ upcoming set, Monsters Attack!, Rammus will be a playable unit.

In a recent Dev Drop video, TFT lead game designer Stephen “Mort” Mortimer announced a bevy of new features that will be introduced in the upcoming set, including the fact that Rammus, one of the biggest memes for his longtime intentional lack of presence in the game, will in fact be making his debut as a unit with the all-new Threat trait.

Threat will be a core trait of the new set and work alongside Hero Augments, which will buff one unit, empowering certain aspects of their kits and ults for the rest of the game, and will only be offered once per game and to all players at the same time. Any unit can be a hero, including a Threat. This also means that augments in general are sticking around in the game for the foreseeable future.

“Threats do not benefit from fielding other Threats, and they have no other traits,” Mort said.

The hope is that they will be “splashable and flexible” since there’s no constraint of any kind on how many Threats you can field.

Screengrab via Teamfight Tactics

Thematically, Rammus has made way too much sense for way too long as a TFT unit: he’s thematically a pure tank and has a visually satisfying, AoE CC ult. And that’s exactly why he hasn’t been in the game (apparently). But as of Set Eight, the long-running gag will be put to an end.

TFT Set Eight is scheduled to be released with Patch 12.23 on Wednesday, Dec. 7.