Lucian and Senna guide to stomp your way through Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.24

The Newlyweds comp is a sure way to placing first on the Convergence.

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Yesterday’s Teamfight Tactics patch reunited a loving couple on the Convergence, while also introducing the new Soulbound class. For overwhelmed players searching for a new team comp to grind the 9.24 ranked ladder, look no further.

A recent guide by breaks down the “Newlyweds” comp in a detailed fashion, including optimal units for all stages of the game, item builds, and the best positioning to protect your carries. Lucian returns to TFT stronger than before. The Light Soulbound unit is now a four-cost champion that uses his Culling ultimate from League of Legends. While Senna is a two-cost unit, her ability to damage enemies while buffing allies makes her an important carry to preserve. 

Here are a few key points to making Lucian and Senna work for you.

Unit priority

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To make the Newlyweds team comp work, players obviously need to prioritize snagging Senna and Lucian as soon as possible. But to compensate for Lucian’s early-game rarity, UTFT suggests starting with Light and Ranger synergies. Pairing Vayne with Varus, along with Jax and Nasus, leads to an insane amount of attack speed from Light Ranger bonuses.

By Wolves, players should add in Senna and Kindred, as well as Sion or Malzahar, to lock in the three-unit Shadow bonus that increases damage by 70 percent at the start of combat.

The final late-game team will include a wide array of bonuses: Light, Shadow, Soulbound, Mystic, Blademaster, and Ranger. Aside from obviously pairing Lucian and Senna together, Master Yi and Soraka’s Mystic bonus will bring some longevity to carry champions. And bringing in tanks Sion and Yorick will give a capable frontline to distract enemies from the true threats.


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Senna and Lucian must be protected at all costs. To protect against Assassins and Berserkers, placing Senna in the back center of the Hex board is a necessity. This way, the Shadow unit can buffs her frontline as well. Placing throw-away units, like Soraka and Vayne, on the edges is also a good way to bait out enemy abilities.

Though placing Lucian behind meat shields works well, UTFT explains that his positioning is more dependent on where the Elemental Hexes are.

“Most people will put one of their high impact units in a hex that isn’t on the frontline and place a tank in front of that unit,” according to UTFT. “Lucian’s ultimate will keep firing after the initial target is dead and you want to line up Lucian in such a way that his secondary target will be a high impact unit.”

Strategically placing Lucian so that his ultimate will take out a meat shield and then a carry can change the tides of any round.


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Since Lucian and Senna are your carries, items should be curtailed to giving them damage and survival. UTFT suggests a Giant Slayer and Spear of Shojin for Lucian to ramp up his power, as well as a Sword Breaker to disarm enemy carries. To keep Senna alive, a Guardian Angel will give her an extra life. To maximize efficiency, players should make Senna a Light unit with the Talisman of Light and give her healing reduction with Morellonomicon.

Carousel priority picks are Spatula, Negatron Cloak, B.F. Sword, and Recurve Bow.