Huge TFT Set 7 PBE patch drops after holiday weekend

Bugs were addressed while major balance changes are still taking place.

Image via Riot Games

A giant Teamfight Tactics PBE update was released this afternoon for the second week of Set Seven Dragonlands testing, packed with balance changes across the board.

Patch notes for the start of the second week of PBE testing for Set Seven dropped later than usual today following three days off for Memorial Day weekend in the U.S. It was also the start of the PBE Clash event today, showcasing TFT players from around the globe playing the upcoming Dragonlands set. And game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer wanted to personally make sure the changes were correctly deployed.

Draconic Augments were the lightest hit in the balance patch, which focused more on traits and champions. Several items were also tweaked, while the team continued to remove bugs prior to the official release of TFT Set Seven on June 8. Another patch is scheduled for tomorrow since the team still has “more work to do,” Mortdog said.

Diana reroll was the sleeper Assassin comp to play over Talon carry, which resulted in buffs for Talon and several levers for Diana getting nerfed. Xayah was slightly buffed after her hard-hit nerf prior to the weekend. Daeja had multiple levers tweaked, from a mana and attack damage nerf to an attack speed buff and an increase in the dragon’s spell buff duration. Yasuo was nerfed after buffs last week, along with Pyke and Ao Shin, and Soraka’s healing was buffed. 

Balance changes that targeted traits included a nerf to Dragonmancer across the board and a temporary fix to Philosophers Stone within Shimmerscale that will never have the item proc. Damage output for Cannoneer units was reduced and the explosion percentage from Jade statues was nerfed as well. 

All PBE Dragonlands changes will go live this afternoon while the TFT team prepares for the official launch of Set Seven on June 8 via Patch 12.11.