How to watch TFT Set 7 Dragon Party event

EMEA and NA battle it out at the launch of the Dragonlands set.

Image via Riot Games

Content creators and Teamfight Tactics ladder grinders from the EMEA and North American regions will show off the new Set Seven Dragonlands set at the first-ever Dragon Party event.

Scheduled to take place on June 11 at 12pm CT, eight players from NA will battle against eight EMEA players for a total of six rounds at the Dragon Party event. The Set Seven tournament was put together by the Rising Legends team and will have a broadcast via Twitch, in addition to the individual competitors streaming the event as well. 

Unlike standard TFT tournaments, the Set Seven Dragon Party is a for-fun event showing off the new Dragonlands set with team captains and battling regions. Prior to the event starting at 12pm CT, captains will draft players to include in their lobby. After three rounds, the bottom two players on the Dragon Party leaderboard become the new captains and draft players to put in their respected lobbies.

Image via Rising Legends

A total of six rounds will get played at the TFT Set Seven Dragon Party event, with the highest-scoring player after those six rounds earning the title. A 12.11 hotfix patch was shipped on June 10, alleviating overpowered comps that rerolling Nami and Varus.

The hotfix also resolved a bug affecting Sylas, in which the dragon will remain mana-locked while its shield is active. Nerfing Nami and Varus will reopen the Dragonlands launch meta back up, showcasing a large number of playable comps.

Fans can watch the action unfold and new TFT Set Seven meta comps emerge via the Dragon Party event on June 11.