How to watch TFT Set 6 Challenger Series tournament

Watch the TFT Set 6 12.1 meta unfold.

TFT Set 6 Kaisa
Image via Riot Games

Top-ranked North American Teamfight Tactics competitors will battle it out in the Challenger Series this weekend in the second-to-last qualifying tournament leading up to the Set Six Mid-Set Finale. 

Scheduled to take place from Jan. 8 to 9, the TFT Challenger Series will showcase a total of 16 competitors from the NA leaderboard. The main broadcast will start at 6pm CT on both days via Twitch, featuring Cassanova, Admirable, and Khroen casting the tournament. Some of the best Set Six TFT players are competing in the Challenger Series, from Team Liquid’s robinsongz and Kurumx to TSM Kiyoon and Souless. 

  • robinsongz
  • Socks
  • SpencerTFT
  • SpicyAppies
  • Kiyoon
  • Souless
  • Kurumx
  • DQA
  • sètsuko
  • Aesah
  • Campanulatae9
  • Chessmage
  • Plumbum
  • Uwudamndaniel
  • Casparwu
  • Dishsoap

Only the top two players at the TFT Set Six Challenger Series tournament will earn an automatic invite to the Mid-Set Finale, scheduled to take place Feb. 4 to 6. Other placements matter, though, with competitors earning qualifier points. Players who rank in the top 22 for qualifier points throughout the first half of Set Six will also earn a seat at the Mid-Set Finale.

Also taking place in Jan. is the Zaun Cup, scheduled from Jan. 21 to 23. Similar to the Piltover Cup, the top four will advance to the Mid-Set Finale. It is also the last qualifying tournament for the first half of TFT Set Six.  

Each of the 16 players competing at the TFT Challenger Series this weekend will stream in conjunction with the main broadcast via Twitch that starts at 6pm CT on Jan. 8 and 9.