How to play Tryndamere in TFT Set 6.5 Neon Nights

Spin to win with Tryndamere.

Image via Riot Games

Last seen in Teamfight Tactics Set 4.5, Tryndamere has returned to 6.5 Neon Nights with his Spinning Slash spell, disrupting backline carriers while paving the path toward a top-four finish. 

Tryndamere in TFT Set 6.5 has the traits Chemtech and Challenger, providing multiple builds for the four-cost carry to shine in. Challenger synergy provides bonus attack speed while Chemtech synergy also provides attack speed with the addition of damage reduction and health regeneration. Tryndamere is a frontline carrier that uses his spell, Spinning Slash, to hit backline carriers before they can cast multiple spells while damaging all units in his path.

Spinning Slash has Tryndamere deal 150 percent of his attack damage to enemies within his path while spinning. After spinning, his next three attacks deal 20 percent more damage. Because his spell deals a percent of his attack damage, the best TFT Set 6.5 Tryndamere items are Infinity Edge, Blood Thirster, and Last Whisper. Depending on the amount of crowd control effects within a lobby, players should consider using Quicksilver on Tryndamere. Giant Slayer and Guinsoo’s Rageblade are also good secondary items to equip on the four-cost carrier. 

Tryndamere can either be a secondary three-star carry, alongside Warwick, within the best TFT Set 6.5 meta Chemtech reroll comp or a primary carry within a four Challenger build that uses Vi as a secondary carry. Tryndamere’s best-in-slot items for both Neon Nights builds are Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, and Last Whisper. 

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Players will want to position Tryndamere on the far left or right side within the first row of Hexes in TFT Neon Nights. He can also move one or two Hexes over so he doesn’t get hit with a Zephyr or Shroud of Stillness. The strongest enemy carriers should be opposite from Tryndamere, with the hopes that his Spinning Slash spell drives through the frontline tanks and his next three empowered attacks hit an enemy backline carry. 

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The TFT Set 6.5 Chemtech reroll comp with Tryndamere and Warwick should preferably run five Chemtech units, along with four Brawler units. Synergy traits within the Neon Nights build are Challenge and Enforcer. Players will want to follow a standard level-up pattern to level seven before rolling for Tryndamere three-star. There’s also flexibility within this if hitting a three-star Warwick prior to level seven is a viable option. 

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Within the four Challenger Tryndamere reroll build, Warwick is more of a Chemtech synergy bot. Players will want to hit level seven before rolling for three-star Tryndamere while slotting in Vi as a secondary carry with defensive items and even Blue Buff since she puts out a decent amount of damage and has a starting mana of 0/40. And Clockwork is a solid synergy trait within the Challenger, Bruiser, and Chemtech TFT Set 6.5 Tryndarmere reroll comp since the trait also increases attack speed.