How TFT Set Seven Shimmerscale trait works in Dragonlands set

Move over Mercenary and Fortune, Shimmerscale has arrived.

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Shimmerscale is the new and improved economy trait of Teamfight Tactics Set Seven, providing items at each breakpoint that scale in power equal to accumulated gold.

Economy traits are healthy for TFT, providing players with an alternative strategy that requires careful planning and skill in conjunction with built-in randomness. The economy trait for TFT Set Seven is Shimmerscale, a vertical trait that provides items at each breakpoint of 3/5/7/9. Each of the items scales in power based on the gold a player has in their bank. The items will produce gold as well. Shimmerscale TFT champions are Aatrox, Kayn, Volibear, Idas, and Zoe.

Here are the nine possible Shimmerscale items within TFT Set Seven:

  • Draven’s Axe: Gain one attack damage per gold in your bank, up to 80 gold. Every attack, this item gains one stack. At 100 stacks, gain eight gold and one item. Holder gains an initial 20 attack damage and attack speed.
  • Goldmancer’s Staff: Gain one ability power per gold in your bank, up to 80 gold—and a 50 percent chance to drop two gold on an enemy kill. Holder gains an initial 20 ability power and 30 mana.
  • Determined Investor: After the holder dies a total of seven times, this item returns to your item tray and transforms into Diamond Hands. Then gain one Champion Duplicator (formerly known as Neeko’s Help) and 15 gold. Holder gains 300 health.
  • Diamond Hands: Once per combat at 66 and 33 percent health, gain one gold and immunity for two seconds. Holder gains 300 initial health and 20 ability power.
  • Philosopher’s Stone: Removed
  • Gambler’s Blade: Gain one-percent bonus attack speed per gold in your bank, up to 80 gold. Each attack has a six percent chance to drop one gold that is obtained via the Shimmerscale trait. Holder gains an initial 20 ability power and attack speed.
  • Mogul’s Mail: Gain 1.5 armor, 1.5 magic resistance, and 15 health when taking damage. After stacking 50 times, gain two gold, obtained via the Shimmerscale trait. Holder gains 300 initial health.
  • Needlessly Big Gem (Heart of Gold): If the holder is alive after 15 seconds of combat, your units deal one percent more damage (maximum one gold) per gold you have. For every three units alive when this happens, gain one gold. Item must be equipped to a unit and a timer was added during PBE testing so players can see when Needlessly Big Gem procs.
  • Crown of Champions: Every four seconds, the next attack deals 9,001 times the amount of gold in your bank in true damage.

Players can only acquire a total of four Shimmerscale items per game. The order in which the items drop will change each game. But the order that items drop within a game that has multiple players tapping into the Shimmerscale trait is the same. Shimmerscale items will remove themselves from Set Seven champions that are placed on the bench and Remover will not be used up if used to remove a Shimmerscale item.  

Determined Investor is a very strong item to get during the early game, transforming into Diamond Hands upon the holder dying during a total of eight combat rounds. If the unit equipped with Determined Investor lives during a combat round, that’s one extra round you have to wait for it to transform. 

Diamond Hands is one of the best Shimmerscale items for Idas, according to game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. Draven’s Axe is good on attack damage Set Seven champions like Ashe and Xayah, as both are able to farm items as the stacks carry over. Goldmancer Staff is good on AP carriers, and Mogul Mail should go on a tank Dragonlands champion. 

Needlessly Big Gem works best when on a backline unit, or a durable tank like Idas. Philosophers Stone only works when the shop is refreshed (auto-refresh from Augments doesn’t count). The Philosophers Stone is unique in that it can create a copy of the holder, whether on the battlefield or the bench. And Crown of Champion is a high-roll Shimmerscale item that is best when equipped on an Assassin TFT Set Seven champion or a defensive tank.

Shimmerscale TFT Set Seven comps

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The most popular comp running Shimmerscale as a support trait is Cannoneer Corki carry. Idas is the tank that protects all the backline Cannoneer champions, equipped with items like Dragon’s Claw, Warmogs, and Gargoyle’s Stoneplate.

Update May 31 3:15pm CT: Stats for Shimmerscale TFT Set Seven items were updated following the May 31 PBE patch.

Update June 22 at 7pm CT: Multiple stats changes were applied to Shimmerscale items from TFT Set Seven Patch 12.12.