How TFT Set Seven Legend trait works in Dragonlands set

An ally's sacrifice goes a long way toward victory.

Image via Riot Games

Eating ally units have meta potential within Teamfight Tactics Set Seven via the Legend trait, boosting the stats and abilities of the champion who consumes its teammate. 

Consuming TFT champions was previously a Tahm Kench ability that is now an ability within a Set Seven trait called Legend. Instead of eating enemies, the Legend trait allows a Dragonlands unit with the trait to consume an ally who doesn’t have the Legend trait at the start of combat. The eating is only temporary, as the consumed ally returns during the next planning phase, and players can choose not to consume an ally at the start of combat. Champions that have the Set Seven Dragonlands Legend trait are Anivia, Volibear, and Ornn. 

A TFT Set Seven champion with the Legend trait can’t consume target dummies or a Nomsy, despite it taking place during the PBE testing. Eating an ally that fits the Legend restrictions, however, can lead to jank combos and powerful primary carriers, according to game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. Consuming an ally gains that Legend unit 100 percent of their health, armor, magic resistance, and 40 percent of their ability power. 

There are only three Set Seven champions that have the Legend trait and all three need to be in play for the trait to be activated. Legend is a splash trait that is meant to improve a team build with the right synergies. Ornn is a support Dragonlands Set Seven champion, able to slot into a variety of TFT comps. Anivia is a support unit, as well. Volibear, on the other hand, is the primary carry with the Legend trait active.

Volibear is a solid three-cost primary carry that works well with TFT Set Seven items like Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Quicksilver, and Bloodthirster, according to Mortdog. If Volibear was to consume a dragon at the start of combat, it gains that dragon’s health and its stats. Consuming the ally counts as dying, triggering items like Zz’Rot Portal and the Shimmerscale trait item, Determined Investor.