Hafu reveals the new Warden class for Teamfight Tactics

Various streamers are unveiling new classes, champions, and origins.

Popular Teamfight Tactics streamer Rumay “Hafu” Wang has unveiled a new class headed to TFT for the upcoming Rise of the Elements update. Warden is the newest tank class to join the game and it’ll feature two new champions.

Wardens will get their armor increased based on how many of that class you have, according to Hafu. At two Wardens, those units’ total armor will be boosted by 100 percent. At four Wardens, their total armor will get boosted by 250 percent. Lastly, six Wardens will net them a whopping 400-percent armor increase.

The new champions joining the roster with the Warden class are Nasus, Taric, and Braum. Nasus is a one-star Light-Warden unit whose spell temporarily enrages him, giving himself bonus health and damaging enemy units around him for the duration.

Taric is a Crystal-Warden and will be using his ultimate ability on TFT boards soon. Cosmic Radiance will turn Taric and all nearby allies invulnerable after a delay. Braum was also added to the Warden class, although his ability wasn’t changed.

More TFT reveals are happening since multiple content creators are showing off new classes and champions. From what we’ve seen so far, Rise of the Elements will be the biggest TFT update yet.