Syndra, Vladimir, Annie, and Zyra’s Teamfight Tactics abilities have been revealed

Rise of the Elements is going to bring some fresh faces to TFT.

Image via Riot Games

Following Riot Games’ 10-year anniversary stream, League of Legends fans know that there are plenty of changes headed to Teamfight Tactics in the next year. The Rise of the Elements is bringing a handful of new champions, classes, and origins to the game mode—and four champions that were recently confirmed are Syndra, Vladimir, Annie, and Zyra.

Syndra and Vladimir fall under the new Mage class in the Ocean origin. Both champions were revealed by YouTuber Jonas “Sp4zie” Ring. He also explained that Riot has allowed various streamers and content creators to reveal previously-hidden information about the new content coming to the game in the next season.

Syndra’s TFT spell is called Hydro Sphere, which is her Q ability on Summoner’s Rift—she conjures up a ball at a target location that deals damage to enemy units. Meanwhile, Vladimir’s spell is called Drain, which is exactly the same as his Q ability in League of Legends where he damages a target and heals for the same amount.

Turkish YouTuber Dora Özsoy revealed that Annie and Zyra will both be joining the TFT champion roster as Inferno-Summoner units. Annie’s ultimate summons Tibbers to deal area-of-effect damage and plenty of auto-attack damage. Zyra summons two untargetable flame spitter plants in the corners of the board and will attack the closest enemy units. He also revealed the Desert origin, which will give units 50 to 90 percent armor penetration based on whether you have two or four units of that origin.

Keep checking on your favorite TFT content creators to see if they’ve been chosen by Riot to reveal more champions leading up to the release of Rise of the Elements to begin the upcoming preseason.

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