Best TFT Set 6 comps to rank up with on launch

Learn how to rank up like the pros.

TFT Set 6 Jhin
Image via Riot Games

The newest Teamfight Tactics Set Gizmos and Gadgets is just a few days out from launching onto live servers. With a solid metagame already beginning to formulate on PBE, it’ll be crucial to understand the best compositions going into the set to hit the ground running when ranked begins.

Set Six will officially launch on Nov. 3, so there is still room for balance changes to affect the state of the game before launch. But there are three comps in particular that are ruling on PBE right now that would need to be nerfed quite harshly to fall out of favor before the set begins, so they should be safe options.

Here are some of the best TFT Set 6 comps to rank up during launch week.

Enchanted Jhin

Image via Deisik’s Imgur.

Jhin is back and arguably better than ever. The returning Sniper carry has ditched his inconsistent Dark Star trait from Galaxies and instead been given a bunch of Attack Speed with Clockwork. Seeing as though Jhin’s Attack Damage scales with his Attack Speed, Jhin packs a punch like never before.

With two Clockwork active on the board, Jhin doesn’t need to worry about itemizing Attack Speed, meaning he can focus on damage. This comp should be a no brainer if the player rolls an early two-star Caitlyn or a heavy AD item start, like B.F Sword and Glove.

Braum and Leona can tank enough between them to hold down the fort at the front, giving this comp room to play three Enchanter, which is the real difference-maker in this team. Janna and Yuumi help to shield and buff Jhin in the backline, although Taric is replaceable, especially if the Socialite hex is not in the back row where Jhin likes to be positioned.

Laser Lux

Image via LoLChess.GG.

Lux is another carry in this set that doesn’t rely too much on her traits Arcanist or Academy, meaning that utility-based traits like Enchanter and Socialite can be squeezed onto the board.

Lux is a damage machine, mostly thanks to her low mana cost as well as the addition of the Scholar trait. She can let loose laser after laser with three full damage items, tearing the opposing team to shreds.

This comp may require three-starring Lux if the player is looking to win a lobby, which can be tricky because of how easily a single Dragon’s Claw on the enemy team can hurt Lux’s ability to solo-carry, so only play Lux with two Socialite active to help her out.

Lux should be played when the player finds early AP or Tear items, or if a really strong Arcanist Augment is available to grab.

Yordle Madness

Image via LoLChess.GG & MismatchedSocks guide.

According to veteran pro player and streamer MismatchedSocks, everyone has been playing this new version of Yordles all wrong. In this iteration, players are discouraged from picking up the tempting secret unit Veigar, and instead focus on win-streaking and pushing a fast tempo with an old-school hyper roll style.

Players should only opt into the madness should they score an early Yordle board, maybe a few Poppys and Ziggs. Make sure not to pre-level, and econ as hard as you can, try to have 50 gold by stage 3-1 if you can manage it, and don’t mind losing.

Then, hyper roll all the way down to zero gold, or until you hit Poppy three, whichever comes first. Stack Poppy with Armour items, and Tristana with AD items and try to win streak from there.

From there players need to decide whether they three-star all their Yordles, or push fast nine and pivot to a legendary style board with multiple five-cost unit carries.