Best Teamfight Tactics comps in Patch 10.21

Warwick dominates with Statikk Shiv

Teamfight Tactics Jax
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Patch 10.21 in Teamfight Tactics was meant to shake up the meta, but the changes applied to Divine and Statikk Shiv may have been too much. 

A number of major balance changes took place in TFT Patch 10.21. Most of the champion tweaks were minor, but several traits and items were reworked.

Divine was “basically a trait no one was running,” according to Mortdog. Unable to survive against other traits in the late game, Divine was reworked to “remove all crowd control and ascend, taking 66 percent reduced damage and dealing 50 percent true damage for the duration of the ascension”—in which the ascension times were slightly reduced. 

There was also an adjustment made to the item Statikk Shiv, increasing its bonus damage from 85 to 175. In conjunction with Warwick’s Howl that hits all adjacent enemies with “Fear” and the 50 percent true damage from Divine, Warwick with a Statikk Shiv wipes out an opponent’s team. 

Erik “Tabzz” of Team Liquid created a guide on how to dominate with Warwick and Divine, explaining that there are several factors players will need to consider to successfully navigate this TFT 10.21 comp.  

It’s important to have a Chosen Divine champion with five Divine units, leaving room for Mystic and Adept to complete the comp. Warwick needs to have Statikk Shiv to pop off, along with Quicksilver to ensure “Warwick doesn’t get disabled.” A third item can be a second Statikk Shiv or a defensive or AD item—but not Rapid Firecannon because it causes Warwick to Howl out of range. 

Hitting perfect items on Warwick and a Chosen Divine should guarantee a top-two spot within a lobby. There are answers to Warwick, though. If you’re running Sharpshooter with a Vanguard frontline, place Jhin on the same side as Warwick to target the Divine Hunter first. Brawler with Hunter is another solid answer since the frontline Brawlers slow Warwick and the other Divine units down, allowing either Ashe or Kindred to take Warwick out. 

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Spirit Zed is being carried over from Patch 10.20 as a viable top-four comp to play right now. In the TFT 10.21 meta breakdown provided by Wrainbash on Reddit, the Spirit Zed comp is ranked first. Zed is the primary carry with Ahri as a secondary carry. Players should slow-roll at level seven and aim to grab Kayn at level eight. If you’re able to hit level nine, Lillia is a strong option to consider. Ideal Zed items include Rapid Firecannon, Quicksilver, and Guinsoo’s Rageblade. And Ahri needs to have at least Guardian Angel as one of her items. 

Another comp that’s dominating in the 10.21 TFT meta is Duelist. Ranked second by Wrainbash, Duelist is a strong choice that will almost always place in the top four of a lobby. Much like Divine, though, navigating this comp successfully into the late game depends on certain requirements. A Chosen Kalista or Yasuo plays a major role, along with having a two-star Shen on the frontline during the late-game stages with a Lee Sin. 

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Ideal items for Kalista include Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Runaan’s Hurricane. Guardian Angel is a solid third item since Kalista typically takes out at least one or two units when she’s revived (if placed properly). Bloodthirster is another option, providing life-gain, as is Rapid Firecannon. Players should slow-roll at level five for a three-star Yasuo and at level seven for Kalista. Jax is a highly contested champion, because of Divine, but is an essential unit within the Duelist comp. 

Despite the TFT 10.21 meta feeling lopsided due to the power of Divine and Warwick with Statikk Shiv, there are still a number of comps worth chasing after. Brawler/Ashe, also known as Brawlywood, is still viable, as is Viegar carry and Vanguard Mystic with an Ahri carry.  

Tacticians should focus on playing the strongest board at all times and transition when needed, while also managing their economy wisely. The TFT 10.21 meta requires taking risks at times along with proper scouting to outsmart the lobby. A B-patch will likely take place, possibly nerfing either Divine or Statikk Shiv, around Oct. 26 to 28.